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samedi 8 mars 2003


  picture of toy boats at jardin des tuileries    

a vendor renting toy boats at a fountain in the jardin des tuileries. prodding the boat with a stick, its sails puff full of wind and it dashes across the fountain while children run laughing to the other side. in the background, across the seine, is the distinctive roof of the musee d'orsay.

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the walk around the outside of the jardin des tuileries was more than we had expected. margueritte was tired and i was hungry. on our way back across the garden we stopped at an outdoor cafe in a grove of trees. margueritte ordered quiche. i had a cheese sandwich on a croissant. little birds begged from us on the table right beside our plates. they ate from our hands. they would have eaten from our plates if we had let them. we walked by children taking pony rides. statues, some modern abstract ans some classic, stood throughout the grounds. joggers ran laps around the outside path.

on our way out of the tuileries we checked the long line at the magritte show at the galerie nationale du jeu de palme, then we descended into the concorde metro station. the previous day, at invalides, we had stood aside and observed metro riders purchasing tickets and passing through the gates. this time we went straight to the automatic ticket dispenser. i used the touch screen to select english and purchased ten tickets. we passed through the turnstiles into the metro.



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