Oniko's Travel Diary:
The Saigoku Pilgrimage

(July 20-August 16, 1999)

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Sunday July 25, 1999
Okay, I did it... I got another day. So sue me.
I spent the day reading, writing, and visiting only places in just a couple blocks of the hotel. The only notable thing is that I found a used games/toy store nearby, and bought some toys. Amazing what can hide right under your nose here.
Tonight, I'm packing up, and making changes to the Oniko's Gallery web page to post tomorrow. I want to be able to go straight to the post office tomorrow, then upload the changes and email, and move on to the Kyoto temples on the Saigoku route with everything finished. We'll see if it works that way; so many of my plans tend to go strange, eh?

Onwards to July 26th, 1999

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