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Chen & Solly is a mini-comic I'm producing specifically to show as an online feature in the Comic Book Clearing House website. Chen is an air-headed, comic book obsessed cat-girl who's got a real problem keeping her imagination in control; Solly is an electronic "pal-bot" that Chen's parents bought to try and keep her in line... in practice, though, he's just a convenient target for her wandering mind.
The stories are only seven pages each; the newest installment is always on display here and in the Comic Book Clearing House, while past installments are available as mini-comics for fifty cents each.

To read the latest issue of Chen & Solly's Online Comic Book, click here!

Thwack! Pow! Poses
Good News,
Bad News
20,000 Hits!
Cover #1
Cover #2
Cover #3
Chen: Initial
Character Design

Solly: Initial
Character Design

First Sketch

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