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Since I was a child, I've had an interest in supernatural, mysterious, and strange occurances.

This interest was first started by a series of books written by Robert Ripley, called "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" These books were written sometime in the 1930's, and are full of cartoons about strange and supposedly true facts. It's very interesting, and lots of fun! (this same book probably started my interest in comic books...)

Although Ripley's cartoons started my interest, it took an actual book of supposedly true supernatural stories to finally solidify it. That book was Frank Edwards' "Stranger Than Science" [which was published in Japan in 1990 by Akebono Publishing under the title "sutorenji wa-rudo" Part 1 -- "Strange World" Part 1 -- and I can only assume that further parts in this series are some of Edward's other books]. This book is captivating, sensational, and totally untrue... but I didn't know that when I was 12.

I discovered later that the stories printed in "Stranger Than Science" had become the basis for many other books on strange and unexplained phenomena, all on the assumption that all of the stories had been previously proven true. But they hadn't been. Because I began to wonder if any of these stories were true, in 1996 I started to seriously investigate them. My investigations soon became a web page called "ANOMALIES". ANOMALIES displays the results of my continuing researches. I want to translate the articles to Japanese someday, but for now my Japanese just isn't good enough. For now, I am translating just brief summaries of some of the best known supposedly true supernatural stories told of in America; these are in English and Japanese at my Oniko's America page. You can read the articles by Clicking Here!

Are there strange stories in Japan similar to the ones in America? Have you seen a ghost, UFO, or monster? Let me know! Email me at

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