Proud Parents

It's been fun hearing from and about different Tamites. I have a favor to ask you, would you let everyone know about my sons' website, Both my sons have started a clothing company a few years ago. Its named after my father.

  Both boys are actively designing clothing for young adults, including old adults! Plus Tim, my younger son, has his art work displayed. They could use the exposure for their line of clothing additionally the designs are good. Also displayed will be links to Rap artists with whom Brian and Tim are helping to promote, write music for , etc. Sooo --for those who have young ones or who are young--this website may be


 Penny [Iyama Watters]



Comments on the Reunion -- Please send yours!

On The Reunion:

"I'm not interested." Skip Aivazian

On Charity:

"The donation's simple enough - an extra $10 on the reunion ticket price to go to Martin Luther King Academy in Marin City for after school programs - keep the pre-teens busy & away from drugs. Doesn't need to be just for Jim, but Billy Rice and everyone else we've lost in one form or another.."

Erica Atkisson

"I have been reading about the idea of a charity. I like the idea of some sort of a program to mentor kids and help keep them out of trouble, but another direction may be an annual scholarship. An endowment could provide perpetual funding a mentor program or a scholarship for Tam graduates from the Class of 63. With an endowment the principal is invested and not touched and the annual interest can be used for programs. Additional donations to an endowment can be made on an annual basis and are added to the principal that continues to grow. I mean if 100 of our class could pony up $50/year (equivalent to dinner out, movies, popcorn and a soda these days!) an endowment could grow by $5,000 annually. Corporate sponsors or perhaps a classmate or two of ours that have been financially successful could maybe come up with seed money (Always easier to grow a tree if someone plants a seed first)."

Shelley Macdonald

"I very much like Erica's suggestion to add something to our reunion 'registration fee'. We are now at a time in our lives, I hope, where doing something like this is a natural. I have been volunteering in Northern Pakistan (schools and libraries for Balti girls and boys) for several years and was in Afghanistan in April searching to do the same.

"More on that later. However, remembering that, alas, things still need to be done here at home is important; I vote 'yes' !!

"Charlie, thanks for bringing us together again!"

Julia Bergman

On former classmates:

"One of our classmates died long ago, Curtis Hicks. I first met Curtis Hicks in 4th Grade at Homestead Elementary School. This is also where I competed with Larry Pierce racing to tag up for softball and when I chipped my tooth in a fight with James Passmore when he killed one of my garter snakes hidden in my school desk. Curtis and I went on many snake hunts hiking out to Muir Woods and Muir Beach. We were also in scouts together, Troop 34 (?) along with Tracy Oldham, Terry McCue, and some big guys named Hamilton (Mary Hamilton's older brother)and Campbel (Louise Campbell's older brother) and several others.

"Curtis may have not been well known but he and I ran away together duringthe middle of our senior year to hunt snakes in Arizona. I was depressed because of a football knee injury and was not able to play basketball very well. After a week, I decide to return home. Curtis went on to Florida where he was arrested for car theft and later for escaping from a prison work farm. Years later, I met up with him briefly in Marin County. Soon after, he was killed driving into a logging truck. He has an older sister, married, living in Pengrove, CA. This is to the best of my memory... Don't let Mr. Wallace read this, he will give me another D. Thank goodness for spell check."

Bill Gillingham

"Man, that's an ugly beard." -- Tim Broome

Rob Moitoza night at the Sweetwater

Fred Harris, Roger Ludlow, Charlie Kelly,
Rob Moitoza

Julia and Erica

Linda Bradley, Bob DeWalt, Roger Ludlow, Rob Moitoza, Julia Bergman, Ernie Bergman, Erica Atkisson, Nick Vigarino, Fred Harris, Sue Orfield

On Various Subjects:

"Can we have a survey thingy as part of the souvenir know...youngest (which may be me), oldest, most kids (that would probably be Ibrahim and Jaleela), most marriages, most snakes (for Bill G.) came from the farthest, has the most cars, guitars, houses, jobs etc. etc. Can we?

"Huh? Can we?"

Jan McCready Harris

"I just received an email from Tracy Oldham and his wife, Francie. They will not be able to make the reunion because of a traveling commitment through Canada. They are presently living in British Columbia. Tracy told me they spend their summers exploring Canada and their winters in the tropics. Here is their email address: [Remove the "63" to use this e-mail address: CK] Tracy is a retired woodshop teacher and Francie (Class of 1964) works as a nurse in a hospital. They have three boys who have grown up and flown the nest."

Bill Gillingham

Mr Davlin:

Thanks for reminding me about Mr Davlin. As I remember, he was a coach too.

Because I was taking a zillion classes senior year I got put into his English lit class because it occupied the only time slot I had free, the lunch hour. So every day I came to class eating my lunch, which was a no-no and for which I had to write an essay about "Why I had to Eat my Lunch in Class Today". So every evening I'd write the essay and, as I walked into class munching my sandwich, I'd hand him the essay. The essay quickly grew humorous and then fantastical as I thought up weirder and weirder reasons why I had to eat my lunch in class today (I guess I learned a lot from Mr Wallace about goofy definitions [anybody remember carburetor" {= {you should have seen Elsie before the carburetor"}]. Anyway, after a couple of weeks of this, Davlin would stop whatever he was doing, read my essay and chortle. We became good friends, and out on the racetrack, which I never ever could run around those 3 times without dying, he'd ease up on me and make me run around it only 2 times. Bless him!!

Biff Younger

He did love essays - I was finishing up a snack in class (right after lunch) and he caught me (I think it was a History class) - wrote my essay in the smallest writing possible, he thought it was funny. The next day someone else had to write one, and wrote even smaller, that he didn't think was funny. So he had to write another one.

 But usually, when I was in trouble with him, I had to report to the track and help with the track meets.

Linda Edenfield Wong

Exchange Students, teachers, etc.

Our exchange students, whom I can remember well, because they were so cute, were Carlos from Argentina, and Bente, from Norway. They were so much more mature than we were!

Mr. Day had to be the worst teacher I ever had at Tam. Jim Cooper used to fall in front of me in the afternoon in that class. Another Day physics student, Ken Everett, showed up in my hometown of Orinda as a Boy Scout dad 5 years ago.

Admiral Hawkins of Geometry is remembered fondly. He at least treated you like an adult. I loved the rare air at the top of the room.

Kris Kraft ended up with a Tam High School accent, even though he may not have wanted one. I once was accused of speaking like him when I met a friend of his from Canada. We were in France, I think. He said, "I know someone who talks just like you; where do you come from?" Kris, come to the 21st Century. Don't be a Luddite!

Peggy Adams Dods

Kitty Stepp and Carlos were the exchange students in our senior year. Kitty was from Munich and lived with my family, and she still faithfully writes to my 86 year-old mom and me at Christmas. She has 2 grown children, had a marketing career and retired with her husband in Denia, Spain. She lived in Ohio for a few years when her husband's company sent him there. She thought it wasn't much like Mill Valley.

Julia Dillingham

The Float

The senior float! I remember working on that - tedious but fun hours of stuffing kleenex into chicken wire. We assembled it at Julia B's house on Corte Madera Ave. I had sort of blocked this memory, but a few years ago I went to the Rose Parade and suddenly remembered all the hours we put in, so I really, really appreciated those floats.

Julia Dillingham

Andreas sends his regrets

Dear Charles and all the others of the '63 Class,

Until early this week, I had hoped to make it to the reunion and, of course, collect the award (since I happen to be the editor of the "Handbook of Cultural Awards" which lists all details of some 3,000 of them, it would have been, finally, one coming back on me...).

Well, its not going to be. As you will see in the enclosed CV etc., I have a few responsibilities here and since two of our staff colleagues have fallen ill, maybe because of the abnormal tropical weather (at present, it's 102 F. !), I need to jump in so we can meet some delivery deadlines. Sorry, sorry, sorry! It would have been great to talk and party.

Actually, the e-mail exchanges and the website have already helped to get some first ideas about what happened with you since the Tam days. As well, I was sad to learn that friends I had met again some years later, like Chris Saxton, are not any more among us. I hope you will have a great reunion and look forward to the 50th anniversary (that's a promise!).

Prof. Andreas Wiesand

Danny sent this photo of Rym Partridge surfing. Yes, I'm sure that's what he's doing. Too bad he hasn't supplied us with a bio.

From left, Margaret Allen, Shelley Macdonald, Laurie Pemberton Maricle and Mary Hamilton Roberts

Photo taken summer 2002. Margaret died in June, 2003

Rick Lambretti supplied this photo of our class, and Roger Ludlow scanned it for us. I have split it into two sides to show it on a single width of the web page. I am in the lower picture, sixth row, far left. Where are you?


These photos were taken at the 30-year reunion.

Charlie Kelly, Goldie Rush (Carole McLaughlin), Stephanie Smith Newhall, Carol Kitchens, Suzi Cook Levesque

Charlie Kelly, Roger Ludlow, Rym Partridge

Vicki Denterlein Abelson, Suzi Cook Levesque, Donna Darroh Johnston, Dale Solberg, Donn Johnston