You Got Questions

We Got Answers

This page came about as a result of Julia's list of questions. Then Jan submitted some questions. Then some people actually answered some of the questions. Rather than let the e-mail answers evaporate into cyberspace, I'll put them cyberspace.


Julia's questions:

1. Name five book titles that greatly influenced your life.

2. How many children do you have?

3. How many grandchildren do you have?

4. How many addresses have you had since 1963? (Lived in for 3 months or more)

5. How many countries have you visited?

6. How many passports have you had?

7. Name five films that greatly influenced you.

8. List five things that really irritate you. (people who make left turns and hold up traffic; please reply post cards stuck into magazines)

9. If you went to rock concerts (Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland), what was your favorite performance/show?

10. How many organizations do you belong to? List them.

11. How many times have you been married?

12. How many cars have you owned? What do you drive now?

13. What is the longest period of time that you have lived out of a suitcase? Why?

14. Describe the most influential, impressive, important, etc. museum exhibition you have seen.


Jan's questions:

What is your birthdate? (For oldest and youngest)

Person(s) you are most curious about and/or anxious to see at the reunion and why:

Favorite Teacher(s):

Least Favorite Teacher(s):

Happiest memories of High School?

Most embarrassing memory of High School?

(Here's some personal stuff/questions to share if you are brave/foolish enough)

Do you think your personality is pretty much the same?

Somewhat different?

Significantly different?

Unrecognizably changed? Explain.

In high school, were you a Nerd? A Jock? A Rebel? A Loner? A Party Animal? Class Clown? Other (describe)?

Were you:

Intense and emotional?
Fun-loving and outgoing?
Shy and retiring?
Angry and obnoxious? the sense of recondite?

And now...40 years older and are:

Quality (or habit, vice, etc.) you would most like to change/stop?

Are you planning to attend the reunion?

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Responses, page one:

Jan McCready Harris

Erica Atkisson

Judi Dexter Lewis

Stan McGinnis

Jared Dreyfus

Charles Kelly

Kathy Bloom Remaley

Cheryl Saunders McDavitt

Greg Cory

Helen Bandes
(Hanna Geshelin)

John "Biff" Younger

Julia Bergman

Responses, page two

Pete Liederman

Doug Chambers

Gwynn Williams

Jon Diederich

Bob Cogswell

Katie Walker

Diana Weil Randrup

Laurie Pemberton Maricle