Biographies, Page Three


Sally King

Well... I just went to the class website and read the previous bio. It really needed an update so here we go.

The two biggest things are:

 My dear old Ma died about 4 years ago. She had just been told she would have to be on oxygen for ever so she waited until late one night, took the oxygen off, turned off the feed packed the whole thing up and proceeded to her going-to-bed routine. Got about half way through before passing out and leaving this life pretty much as she had wanted to do for years. We still miss her grumpy, interesting old self.

Secondly, my husband and I have decided to live separately and, as a consequence have sold the house in Deep Cove and moved into the city. He landed in the area known as The West End in a nice place a block away from our famous Stanley Park. He’s quite happy and we speak every day. I bought a condo on Granville Island – another place alarmingly like Sausalito – and am living with the two cats and NO dogs and have decided this is the best time of my life.

I exercise three times a week – still under protest, and have only lost the remembering-things-I-don’t care-about facility. Everything else works fine. Even older, slightly less fat due to hanging out with raw food fanatics who never give me a meal without tons of vegetables (*sigh*). Now singing with several choirs including the City Soul Choir and the St. Andrews Wesley gospel choir(I am their resident pagan). Withdrew from Equity (the theatrical union) but had to rejoin because I do several shows – mostly benefits for Vancouver’s version of PAL (Performing Arts Lodge ) the (sometimes subsidized) home for people in the performing arts and Equity got tired of seeing my name on various programs. Ah well, still sort of working. Member of a couple of arts Boards. Singing in public whenever someone wants me to. Hanging out, and having a great time. Given up on the dignity bit and have embraced going with the flow.





Kathie Walker



If you want the real low-down poopy-scoopy on my life after Tam, read my Q & As so I don’t have to bore you by repeating soon to be forgotten information.

I’ll just give you a brief run-down up to what my life is like now.

After graduation, I attended UCSB for one year then transferred to UC Berkeley where I graduated with a degree in French in 1967. Rather than spending a year in France before I started my teaching career, I found myself with child and ended up spending 8 years in the wilds on No Ca living on a mining claim with Eddie Isaacs (Zeke). Remember him? He’s the one that tried to bite Mickey Johnston’s finger off during a fight at Judy Dexter’s party. I learned how to “live off the land” in those years and got to spend the first years of my childrens’ lives with them at home. I also learned that it doesn’t take much to be happy and comfortable. I’m still a minimalist when it comes to material stuff. Heh, if you need a recipe for corned venison, I’ve still got one!

In 1978, We bought a house right on the ocean in Brookings, OR. Zeke missed the mountains so he returned there and lived there until he died at age 53. We gave him a wonderful Memorial Service and scattered his ashes in the river he so loved. In Brookings, I got involved with Little Theater and did a lot of acting and directing. I also learned how to do stained glass and taught Coversational French for the local community college. In 1986, I decided to move to the Rogue Valley and went back to college in Ashland to get my teaching credential. Instead of a credential, I opened up a small seafood restaurant with my then husband. It only lasted a year. In 1987, I fell in love with Jesus Christ and in 1988 I took my last drink and took my last drug. I ended up working in the alcohol/drug treatment field as a counselor for ten years. I loved working with the clients but eventually I couldn’t handle the pressure of the overwhelming paper work and the dysfunction of the agency itself so I quit. One of the best decisions I ever made!

Two years ago, my present husband and I bought a home in Paradise, CA and after 23 years in beautiful Oregon, I returned to CA. God’s blessed us with an incredible place of beauty. Outside my bedroom and office windows is a lovely creek with a noisy waterfall and an acre garden with the most beautiful trees, ferns, flowers and grasses. Every morning, a gaggle of at least five deer meander through the garden. What a treat! I’ve put together a home-based Internet business for myself and spend my time making ceramic tiles for mosaic artists. Oh, boy! I get to play in the mud everyday! Sometimes I even get to use my own tiles! You can visit my website at Papoola's Mosaic Tiles.

Most of my life has revolved around relationship. Vacations mean going to see the kids and grandkids. I’m an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and love working with “newcomers”. I’ve even taught Sunday School for years. Who’da thunk it?

God has been so good to me. He’s blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and put so many people in my life to love. This past six months, I’ve lost two I loved the most: my 13 year old grandson and my wonderfully eccentric mother. I’ve attached a pix of the three of us just a year ago. Look at the joy!

The Good News? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’ll be with them in Heaven someday. In the meantime, I try to maintain a grateful heart, I give myself permission to cry when I’m sad and I look for ways to honor my Father, my mother and my grandson in how I treat others. After all these years, I finally know for sure what my purpose in life is and I’ve experienced true peace. Have you?

What an honor to serve Him.

2013 Update:

The last ten years have been “berry, berry good to me” as Chi Chi Rodriguez would say. I spent the last seven years of my working career working as the receptionist for our local paper, The Paradise Post, and had way more fun there than should be legal. Seems like we were always celebrating something: dressing up in costumes, having potlucks, making floats for parades and just generally having small town smaltzy fun. My moniker there was “The One Ringy Dingy Lady” and I took great delight in answering the switchboard calls with “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” Occasionally they let me write something and sometimes featured my artistic creations in their special publications.

I retired from that job two years ago and after a year of lollygagging about saying , “I don’t have to get up early! I don’t have to do anything! Na, na, na, na, na, na!” I realized I needed to feel useful so I started doing volunteer work in the community. Today I have way more commitments than a reasonable person should have but my favorites are being the treasurer for our local Friends of the Library group and working with our nomadic homeless program, SHOR. I’m also knee-deep in service commitments for a 12-step program that saved my life. I celebrated 25 years clean and sober in March. Thank you, God!

When I graduated from UC in 1967 with a degree in French, my dream was to go to France and spend a year living in Paris before I started teaching but I ended up having a baby boy instead and just never made it “across the pond”. Last year that baby boy sent me on a three-week tour of Europe and I was like a kid in a candy store. I visited 8 countries in 21 days and saw all the major sites I could. I’ve definitely been bitten by the travel bug.! A week after I got home from Paris, my husband and I flew to NY to visit his family and that was my first time east of the Rockies. Let me just say, “I LOVE New York!”. We had so much fun hanging out in Washington Square, walking through the Village at night, getting serenaded on the subway, seeing all the tourist attractions and getting to spend time with Rondi (Halling) and Rhonda (Easton) in Connecticut. We’re going back next year, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise!

I am a happy woman. I have a husband who loves me, no matter what, two wonderful sons and two step-sons who make me proud and a gaggle of mostly-teenaged grandchildren that bring me great joy. Oh, I can’t forget to mention Buddy the Wonder Dog and Huey Long , my cat, who love me even when I’m grumpy. I can remember cringing when people used to tell me I looked like my mother and now that she’s gone, when I look in the mirror, I see her, too, and that makes my heart glad. My 16 year old granddaughter had to do a speech for her history class about a family member and she picked me and I got to tell her about what it was like growing up in the 50s and 60s, and about the civil rights and free speech movements, and how exciting my college years were and what it was like to be a flower child living on a mining claim with no modern conveniences when her daddy was a baby. I gave her a picture of me when I was 17 to share with her speech and her teacher said, “You look like your grandmother!” I just hope that when I’m gone, she’ll find some joy in seeing a part of me in her mirror as well.

My husband’s in the process of building me a little cottage by the creek on our back garden acre. I’ve dubbed it my Zen Den and can’t wait to decorate it. It will be a special spot where I can go and listen to the silence, meditate, talk to my God and read&ldots;.and maybe even take a little cat nap!

Life is good and I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. A big thanks to all of you for being my friends and to the reunion committee for all the time and effort they’ve put into making our 50th a memorable event.

On you Indians!


A true "Biography" of Jim Jett

(I noticed that you are asking for a biography, not an autobiography, so I guess I’ll write Jim Jett’s! Since I’ve been his wife for about 28 years – I know him pretty well!)

Jim enjoyed being raised in Mill Valley. He was a very active boy, having a paper route, being involved in Boy Scouts, and selling ‘whatever’ door to door in his neighborhood (homemade ear rings, neighborhood paper). He has very fond memories of his good friends he hung out with, Roger Bennetts, Charlie Kelly, Tim Broome, Eero Kerss, Rich Phelps, and his dog Spot.

Jim was also very active in high school with photography, radio, electronics, swimming, and tennis. He worked for Lockwood pharmacy after he turned 18.

Jim went to College of Marin for 2 years, then to UC Berkeley majoring in chemistry. He transferred to Brigham Young University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s and Masters in Music Composition and Theory!

In between the two degrees, he served as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sweden and in Colorado/New Mexico from June 1968 to June 1970.

He began teaching music at a couple of junior colleges, West Valley and De Anza, in the San Jose area: part-time pay, no benefits, and more than full time hours since he was also teaching 28 private piano students! He met me [LeeAnn] at West Valley College. He was teaching and I was a student. We met at the Institute of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on campus. We were married one week before Jim turned 30, and 2 months after I turned 20!

It wasn’t long before a teaching income looked pretty bleak in anticipating future needs, so Jim took one computer class and decided that software was the career for him. He has since been employed by Boole and Babbage, National Semi-Conductor, and currently American Software. He’s called a Senior Product Specialist doing customer support, modifications and consulting.

Jim and I have 6 children: 4 boys, and 2 girls, AND an 18 month old grand-daughter! Two children are currently attending Brigham Young University, our married daughter lives in Salt Lake City, and 3 children are in the Atlanta area—The oldest is married, too & 2 of the boys are still at home. Our youngest is a senior in high school.

Home was in Milpitas, California for the first 14 years, and now Marietta (just outside Atlanta), Georgia for the past 14 years. Jim worked with the Boy Scouts more years than we have kept track of, and he’s regularly played racquetball early in the morning for over 25 years. He also regularly serves in the LDS Atlanta Temple.

Jim can be found on Ham Radio air waves. His call sign is: KC6ETU. He’s been quite involved with the local ham radio club, and working with the Red Cross in emergency preparedness. We recently had 19 trees removed from our property and have since re-started an old hobby—gardening!

Jim’s mother passed away in the fall of 1989 from Melanoma. She is greatly missed. His Dad still resides in their home of 54 years which he built himself, on Alta Vista Avenue.



Linda McLay Leslie

From Connecticut to New York to Los Angeles to Mill Valley:

I arrived in Mill Valley when I was 7 and attended Park School then we moved to Blithedale Terrace when I was 9 and I changed to Old Mill School. I stayed with Father and his family (Stepmother, two brothers and a sister) in the summer in San Pedro and winters with Mother and my Stepfather in Mill Valley. My Stepfather still lives in the same house on Blithedale Terrace, he is 95 and counting. I really liked to be alone and walk along the creeks or find secret places to hide out. Mill Valley was great for that. School was very frightening as was most everything for me then. I spent a lot of time being afraid as a child. I had a nice Grandfather and a nice neighbor to believe in me. By High School we lived on Lomita Drive and I had a horse on the hill behind Edna Maguire School. That was very cool. A great escape.

When Graduation was finally over, I fled as quickly as I could from oppressive alcoholic abusive homes. There were a few good things about home and I focus on that, but I just wanted to get away and never see anyone I knew again, mostly my family. I found a job, got married, brought my beautiful daughter LeAnn into the world in 1964, got divorced in 1967, worked at a variety of positions, Flight attendant, Food server, Secretary, Tax Assistant. Had a pretty good gig going for a while where I changed jobs every four months, I liked that, at least it was not boring. I don’t like to be bored or sit still for very long.

I got married again, bought a house in San Jose and brought two more beautiful children into the world, my Son Brent in 1970 and my Daughter Allison in 1972. Plunged into the chaos of raising Children and along about 1982 I realized that the Husband was so far into alcoholism we couldn’t pull him out, so he had to go. Finally took some classes on the alcohol issue (John Bradshaw tapes, “of course you have known him all your life, honey, he’s your mother”!).

I made peace with the past and left it there, no easy task, that. I enrolled in Foothill College for a while, that was great but I needed to keep track of my teens. Went back to work and tried a few different positions eventually found myself doing Benefits Administration in Human Resources. That seems fun and I am not bored. To relieve the stress of raising teenagers alone, I took a lot of classes in Landscape Design and liked that the best. I still have the same house with a very pretty garden. In 1990 I began to go to the Saddle Rack to learn Line Dancing and I liked that too. It really helped bring some focus to the left side of my brain.

All of the children finally left home and are finding their way. Now there are three beautiful Grandchildren to play with, Adam 1988, Laura Rose 1996 and Katie 2002. Two years ago my favorite dance partner, Richard moved in with me and we are having a fine time. We still like to go dancing and he is very funny, keeps me laughing and you guessed it, not bored. Richard owns a Deli so at least one of us is working. I was caught up in the “down in the valley” and have been looking for a job for so long I am totally bored of “the search”. Something good will come along, it always does. I am doing some SHRM updates (HR Stuff) for brain stimulation, about a million home projects, some volunteer gigs and of course, we dance. I am not afraid anymore, I still hate to travel and avoid it as best I can. I have learned how to tame the psychic stuff, ground and center as well as protect myself from unwanted energy. I have total faith and trust in the universe. Life is good.


(Ten years pass)

As I left off last time, I was riding off into the sunset with my sweet cowboy. I sold my house, he sold his Deli and we moved to Lakeport and were living happily ever after. I took art classes and painted flowers on walls and cows on the outside of the house, he fished and we made friends, that time was lovely.Then five years later (2005) he died! Well, I thought, that was rather rude!!! I know that he would never have left me on purpose, still, I had to pick myself up from the depth of my sadness and forge on. I am currently making repairs on my home and preparing to sell it and move. I have several options and will see how this new adventure works out. In all of the challenges, adventures and amazing things I have been blessed to experience, Love is the best!! The laughter, I love silliness, the pure joy of just being where ever I am. When folks say to me "Have a good day" I always thank them and reply: "It is a good day because we are in it"!! and it is.


Thanks Charlie, you are the best!!





Carole McDaniel

Live well-Born in England during the Battle of the Bulge-still fighting it. I lived as an Army brat who lived in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Cobham, England, San Francisco, Ca., Ft. Lewis, Washington, Schwabish Gemund, Germany, Heidelberg, Germany, Marin County, attended College of Marin for 2 years. Moose, Wyoming, Belpre, Ohio, attended Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. Married a handsome southern gentleman from Georgia and became Mrs. J. Donald Hambrick, U.S. Army wife then it was off to Ft. Lee/Richmond Virginia. After 4 months of marriage, Donald was stationed in Viet Nam for a year and after he returned it was off to Ft. Hood, Texas, birth of son, Daniel. Blackwood, New Jersey, birth of Daughter Diana. Teays Valley, W.Va, and finally the last 33 years in Gainesville, Fl (Home of the Florida Gators). Living in wonderful places and meeting people from all over the world has been an experience of living well and I would not trade it for the world. I am very blessed.....

Laugh often-When I attended four high schools in four years, Heidelberg High,Terra Linda, San Rafael, and graduated from Tamalpais High in 1963. Laughed with the nicest group of students from all four schools. Laughed when I had to take archery at Terra Linda, when I had to go swimming in those dorky bathing suits at 8:00 am at Tam and had a wet head all morning, you would laugh to know that very few

Florida high schools have swimming pools. Laughed when I moved to Belpre, Ohio and found a church group of lots of chemical, industrial and electrical engineers who were working in the Ohio Valley trying to avoid the the Viet Nam draft. You know it I was in heaven....Have been laughing about my good luck by marrying the kindest man ever since. Laughed when Donald returned safe and sound and I laughed when Dr. Kradle said. you are proud parents of a son Daniel remember my name is Carole McDaniel got it? good... and four years later we had Diana the blond beauty bombshell with brains (Hambrick trait) when we lived in New Jersey.

Laughed when we moved to Florida and I volunteered so much in the schools that I was hired and I worked my way up the ranks to become Secretary to the Superintendent of schools and the Executive Assistant to The Director of Food Service. I attended College of Marin, Marietta College and the University of Virginia but none of those schools taught computer skills. So after working for 29 years with Alachua County Public schools I laughed when I told them I wanted to retire 11/11/11. Laughed when I was called back this year to be a long term-sub teaching culinary arts at Eastside High School. I am a caterer at U.F. during football season fortunately we have an away game when I am in Marin. I have taught culinary classes at Santa Fe College, in Gainesville, Fl. So you could called me a foodie of sorts....just a cook not a chef....

Love much-the many blessings from God, my husband Donald of 44 years who provided a wonderful life and memory. Our son, Danny, a computer engineer with Dell in Round Rock, a graduate of University of Florida, daughter Diana who sold drugs and is a graduate from University of Florida oh my, they are legal drugs. Diana and Frankie live on a large angus cattle farm (in the east they call them farms) in Clemson, South Carolina. We have two beautiful intelligent granddaughters who I visit all the time but they prefer to visit Mimi's home, pool and Disney.... I love life and I am happy, happy, happy, yes, I watch red neck programs...LOL.. Plus I walk 5 miles a day to keep the doctor away....So when I visit California in September I will say Hello to my parents, who are buried at the Presidio and thank them for my fantastic life. I will visit my sister Diana in Fresno and my nephew in Oakland and I will see you.

The Optimist




Zandra Zimmer Brant

Greetings to my 1963 classmates! I am one of the students from Sausalito, which one would think gave me advantages. Unfortunately, I didn’t use them. My high school grades were so poor that I could not attend a state university. Instead, I attended COM. I was a poor student there, also. I did develop some wonderful friendships there. When I was 18, three of us girls moved into an apartment in San Francisco, and I worked at a brokerage house in the financial district. At 19, I ended using my childhood name, Sandy, and started using my legal first name, Zandra. After a year, I became bored with the business scene and started attending COM again. I was fortunate to meet an incredible guy there in my philosophy class who taught me how to study. Actually, that guy teaches there in the history department. Anyway, after earning 60 semester credits, I qualified to transfer to San Francisco State University and studied psychology. I was within a year of graduation but realized I could not transfer my degree into work, so I moved to Louisville, Texas, where my father had been transferred. After two more years and a change in direction, I graduated in special education and elementary education. Texas was an incredible culture shock, a bad one. To get that Special Ed. Degree, I had to transfer to Texas Women’s University, in Denton, one of the last state colleges for women in the country. It was during the most intense part of the war in Vietnam and everyone was so pro war in Texas.

Soon after graduating, I got married and moved to Beaverton, Oreon with my new husband. In 1971, I found a teaching position in a secure setting for children who were emotionally disturbed. After three years, I worked in a hospital setting with severely ill children. During that time, too, I attended Portland State University and received my MS in Special Education in 1976. While the other settings were interesting and the kids challenging, I really wanted to teach students in the elementary schools. I did get some great positions there in what were called Resource Centers in Portland Public Schools and enjoyed collaborating with the other teachers. Eventually, I was asked to interview for an administrative position in the special education department, which led me to the role of supervisor for the next 20 years. Of course, that necessitated going back to night school for several years to earn my principal’s license. It was a fascinating but difficult job with multiple responsibilities. I retired in 2001.

On a personal level, I am still married, but not to the same man. We have one child, a young man of 25 who works on a hot shot crew for the USFS here in Oregon. He’s fighting fires all over the West. He lives in Bend, so that’s always a great destination for us. As empty nesters, we are enjoying all that is available here in the Willamette Valley. We pick tons of berries for the winter. The drive to the coast is only 1 ½ hours away. So is Mt. Hood for hiking and skiing. The airport is only 45 minutes away and we take advantage of our free time by traveling to the Southwest and Europe. I love to garden, too. We have a community vegetable garden just a few minutes away. I’m going there in a few minutes to dig up some potatoes. I enjoy a nice perennial garden here at home. My husband and I are avid photographers. We are involved in politics at the local level with an organization called Organizing for Action, an outgrowth of President Obama’s Organizing for America presidential campaign. My sister, Dolly (now Metta), recently moved from Hawaii to Woodland, CA., and I have visited her twice already. My wonderful mother lived to 97 and passed away a few years ago. She adored Sausalito and loved to hear of my little trips back to walk up the hill and through the glen from the ferry slip to see the house.

I hope you all have a great time at the reunion. I’m sorry to miss it but we have planned a trip for a long time to celebrate a big birthday. And thank you Julia Bergman for all your work.


Sandy Zimmer (now Zandra Brant)





Elizabeth "Liz" Palmer Wade

I was born in Saint Mary's in August of '45 when nuns stil wore habits.

Started at Strawberry School and then to Edna Maguire and then Tam. That's when I thought I duscovered love and boy did I. I was a terrible student and found out at 40 that I was severely dyslexic. I just thought I was stupid.

Married at 21, had a boy and a girl who both excelled. Harvey graduated from Annapolis in 1990 and Stephanie graduated from Berkeley in the early '90s. She is my miracle and survived childhood cancer at a time when her odds were very poor.

We moved to Melbourne, Australia where Big Harv did a PostDoc in Microbiology.

I worked for Hewlitt-Packard for 2 years and then on to the jungles of Papua New Gunea. I absolutely loved that place and the locals (what they then called the natives), everyone else was an ex-pat.

My marriage broke up, Stpehanie was successfully treated for cancer and Imarried an Austtralian who was funny but to whom monogamy was a foreign word as was number 3. He went to the 20th but so did someone else.

I feel Charlie breathing down my neck so this will be short and sweet and probably boring.

I met Erwin (what a kind and loving man) 27 years ago on a blind date and learned that love and monogamy can co-exist. He served in the Navy (Vietnam), got shot while a Higheway Patrolman by an 11 year old kid.

He went on to DOJ and spent 19 years with them... in the northern counties if California. All total 27 years in law enforcement.

We moved down here 2 years ago. My father disinherited the first family (lucky me but it is only money).

Rolled my truck 3 times and have bilateral 3 sets of total knee failures. After the reunion I hope to have them fixed by a Dr. who treats the ball players.

What have I learned???

Humility, love when all around is caving in. A good man is hard to find and I genuinely love people.

Money doesn't define you but it pays the bills. I worked in service jobs; Ametrican Cancer Society, Red Cross, feeding the rural poor, etc. And a whole lot more, almost forgot. I am not stupid. All of you will always be in my heart.

There is lots more but it is time to sign off. As much as I hate to mention it I have had 15 surgeries, screws and plates in my back and shoulders.. Love and health to all of you.

Forgtot to mention, Erwin has Parkinson's. Was it Agent Orange or breaking down meth labs without protective gear?




Fred Liebes

I was encouraged to leave Tam in my Junior year by our friend Mr George, wherupon I entered the workforce. Most of my freshman year in juvenile hall didn’t help solidify my rapport with my classmates. Needless to say, I was a bit defiant in those days.

I went on to learn construction, eventually becoming a licensed contractor, to make a long story short. I enjoyed building many unique designs for a variety of customers and friends, and have continually found joy in manifesting unique creations.

At this point my life is successful, defying logic from the path I was on. In spite of not preparing for the future in any organized way, I have good health, have many dear friends, have a wonderful woman in my life with whom I am about to be married after three years of friendship, travel and bonding. I have two grandsons ages four and six; my 42 year old son Jonah, who is a successful manager in the solar electric field is a wonderful father and son. And I own the home I grew up in in Mill Valley. I am renting the Mill Valley house out, and live happily in Fairfax.

My passion has been running for the past 27 years, and I went from having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overweight at age 40, to completing nearly 80 ultramarathons, including three one hundred milers, many fifty milers and fifty kilometer races, (31 miles).Also included are 14 Quadruple Dipseas. That’s 56 singles, not including single and double Dipseas, and hundreds of training runs. Last September my girlfriend and I ran rim to rim at the Grand Canyon, 24 miles and 6,000 feet down and 5,000 of climbing, north to south. We’re doing it again this year with a group of friends.

I have spent many years trying to optimize my diet and exercise, as high blood pressure and high cholesterol have plagued me. And then two years ago I needed a stent in a blocked coronary artery. I have since gone to a mainly plant-based diet, like Bill Clinton, and I am ecstatic with it and how it makes me feel healthy. I read many books on the subject, one of my favorites being Roadmap to 100, by Dr Walter Bortz.

I look forward to our 50th reunion, and seeing how we are all holding up.

What a long strange trip it’s been!