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Pete Liederman tells us more than we wanted to know:

1. Five books that influenced my life?

  • The Family of Man

  • Europe on Five Dollars a Day
  • Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels
  • Babies and Other Hazards of Sex by Dave Barry
  • The Philospophy of (Almost) Everything Made Perfectly Simple

2. How many children do you have.

One. David 14.

3. Grandchildren


4. Addresses since 1963 longer than 3 months.

Looks like 26. Went to San Jose State for a year after Tam, then late in 1964 moved into a nondescript student area called the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, just as it was becoming one of the great places on earth.

Lived several places in San Francisco before moving first to Marin again: Mill Valley, San Anselmo, Palo Alto briefly, then Tiburon, and one sprawling place at the end of a dirt road over a swamp in Greenbrae.

Escaping my Greenbrae roommates (most of whom are still friends) lived up in the Sierra foothills near Auburn for a year or so.

Have been in the Berkeley area since 1975, except for a brief stint in a condo in Georgetown, Washington D.C., and a year on Potrero Hill in S.F.

5. How many countries have you visited?

32. Travelled a lot in Europe. Most exotic places I've gotten to: Greece,Israel, Fiji, New Zealand, and recently Taiwan and Japan. Weirdest place: Poland in Summer of 1964.

6. How many passports have you had?

Four including one issued in Spain after one got stolen. It has my name wrong and the date of issue struck through.

7. Name five films that greatly influenced me.

  • Hate to admit it, but probably Bambi since I've been an ardent conservationist ever since.

  • Some documentaries on the holocaust.
  • On the Beach

8. List five things that really irritate you.

  • Death

  • George W. Bush
  • Disease
  • Calls from recorded messages
  • Waiting in lines

9. If you went to rock concerts what was your favorite?

The original be-in in Golden Gate park.

10. How many organizations do you belong to?

  • California Bar Assoc. (& others)

  • American Trial Lawers Association,
  • Sierrra Club
  • Save the Bay,
  • Tamalpais Conservation Club,
  • Amnesty International,
  • ACLU

11. How many times have you been married?

Once. Lara, about 16 years now.

12. How many cars have I owned.

No clue. Only one I miss is an old red MGB.

13. What is the longest period of time that you have lived out of a suitcase?

Four months backpacking around Europe.

14. Describe the most influential etc. museum exhibit?

A Van Gogh exhibit way back when. Also, do you remember in the early 70's when practically every museum in SF did a "Rainbow Exhibit" at the same time?

As far as Jan's questions go. My favorite teacher was definitely Mr. Wallace whose puntifications still influence me. On the other end of the spectrum, Admiral Hawkins got enraged about an editorial I wrote about the Cuban missile crisis in the Tam News and thought it was directed at him personally; he also recognized my singular lack of talent at geometry.


Doug Chambers digs in at the plate:

1.Five book titles that influenced your life.

  • Catcher in the Rye

  • Hawaii.
  • Moby Dick.
  • Great Expectations,
  • Rock-Hard-Abs in 30 Days.

2. How many children do you have?

This is a point of great speculation. As most of you know, children in the back seat of a car can cause accidents...and, accidents in the back seat of a car can cause children!

There are three for sure. Ben, my first born, and heir to the ‘well into one figure’ Chambers family fortune. Luke, aka "the professor" for his extensive knowledge of History and Latin American dives...(I was going to
give him a middle name of Manohans, so I could yell 'Luke, Ma, no hands! when calling him in to do
his homelurk, but I didn't have the heart) And, "Jack" who gave himself his own name (given name is Douglas) in kindergarten, as he was tired of responding to the never-ending "honey-do" list of chores yelled down the stairwell from the Queen of the realm. I am reminded of the movie l,000 Clowns with Jason Robards wherein the kid was forever changing his name and getting a new library card to make it official. I remember "Chevrolet Burns” was one, but I digress.

3. How many Grandchildren do you have.

None that I know of...I’m too young. I’m only 16 (dog years!).

4. How many addresses have you had since 1963?

I went to San-Hose-Me-State (in San Hose Me CA) directly from Tam High...roomed with Frank Shippey, and (the) Rymbone Partridge. Some of you may not know that Rym is the grandchild of Immogen Cunningham (a famous photographer of the Ansel Adams era) graduation she couldn’t stand it watching folks snapping (bad) photos left and right with their “Brownies” (remember having a ‘Kodak’ that you held at waist level and peered around trying to see what you were photographing?) and finally snapped in her creaky old lady voice...”Are you SURE you know what you’re DOING?” I got married right out of college (both parents had died by then and I was lonesome) to Peg Duggan (A St. Rose girl from S.F. who I met while working at The Village Coffee House (in Sausalito). We lived in Kentfield on Elm St. (yes folks, there WAS a nightmare on Elm Street)...later bought our first house in Sand Rafael. Cost: $25,000 stayed 10 years...whereupon the marriage went KA-PUT.

Delicately put, our ideas of what the bedroom was for differed. Also there were many unknowns on our philosophy of life since we never discussed such things as finances, children, religion, politics, etc. I bought a lot down the street and Jack Mosher (now Jack Mosher Construction Co.) built me a house.

I moved to South Central Ross briefly so Jack could attend Deadwood High...(I was tired of the huge cost of San Domenico) AND, TA-DAAA I’ve just moved to Sonoma... 297 Theodor(think THE ODOR) Lane, Sonoma, CA

5. How many countries have you visited?

Canada. It rained. Camping sloshy. Got a motel room. Cute. Pine/Cedar planks for ceiling. The ceiling was dripping pine pitch into the tub for about 2 years before I eased my fanny down into it’s steaming hell hole. The pine pitch stuck to all of my favorite hairy parts and pulled at my every move for days. That for me was Canada.

Mexico. Stay away from the tacos. Did go scuba diving on Cozumel. At about 100 ft. down on the Palancar reef, the dive boat guy reached out and snapped the tails off of several out-of-season lobsters and since he didn’t have a paper bag he stuffed them into his swim trunks (just like the Tam High kind!)...then cooked them up for lunch. Hold that special sauce on mine, Jose!

As a kid I lived in Japan for two years. I was an Army brat. My dad was an Army lawyer (JAG Corps.)...and helped re-make Japanese law into English Common Law. I was born on August 30, 1945...that was the day Douglas Macarthur steamed into Tokyo Bay to get the surrender deal cooking.

Hence my first name was given to be the same as his. (My middle name is Lee after the Great Robert E...I was born in Little Rock Arkansas.)

I have an official photo of me with (then) Prince Akahito which comes in handy when I fly JAL, and want to chat with seatmates.

6. How many passports have you had?

What is a passport?

7. List five films that greatly influenced you.

  • Gigi. (Leslie Caron. I get semi-wood just thinking about her)

  • One-Eyed-Jacks. I can still recite all of the great Marlon Brando dialogue when he’s whipping the merde out of poor ol’ Slim Pickens...’Get UP you big tub-a GUTS!’ ...and when he tells ol’ Ben Johnson that he is fast enough on the draw. “..You know Bob, you jest might get three in me, before I got that ONE in you!”
  • Singing in the Rain. Drippy good.
  • The Robe. Shoot them dice!
  • Ship of Fools. Simone Signoret, wow. More wood.
  • Bananas. I think Woody Allen is funny. Not Jerry Lewis.

8. List five things that really irritate you.

  • 1) Political correctness.

  • 2)The fact that AIDS has made screwing such a mess.
  • 3)Arthritis.
  • 4) Randy priests...(How does one get a nun pregnant? Dress her up like a choir boy!)
  • 5)Media controls
  • 6) The French.

9. If you went to rock concerts, what was your favorite show.

It was a DAY ON THE GREEN at the Oakland Coliseum...we saw

  • l) PETER TOSH (I hadn't heard of him yet and got behind reggae that day)

  • 2) EDDIE MONEY “...Two tickets to paradise...”
  • 3) SANTANA ...(now, hum Samba Pa Ti) and
  • 4) THE ROLLING STONES (now, yell the tune Brown Sugar, and shower yourself with blow up lady dolls that you can’t take home to mom) I went with Erica Atkisson and it was the best rock concert I ever went to.

10. How many organizations do you belong to?

E. CLAMPUS VITIS - This organization goes back to the gold mining days when the REAL miners were getting fed up with the Flatlanders down in San Francisco putting on airs with their high hats and frilly shirts. The decided to form their OWN club to have a little fun (a parody, git it?)

The top guy is the Grand Humbug, money is gold dust, and get this, after you pass through the chairs (of power) and become an XNGH ex-noble-grand-hummbug for one year...then you’re a DEAD SALMON...and of no use to anybody...I like organizations like that...which brings to mind that I belong to...

SAN FRANCISCO MILLINE CLUB - Also politically incorrect. About Christmas time we put on a yearly stage production to (good humouredly) parody our take on the years events. No group is left out, no sacred cows allowed. Over the years I helped write and produce such gems as: EAST BAY STORY (Think East Side Story with the Mob vs. The Gay community), O.K.HOMO -(need I say more?) LITTLE ORGAN ANNIE (everybody needs one) DIDDLER ON THE ROOF (and many more...but I digress)

I have just joined THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION and THE SIERRA CLUB (just to make things even).

My current passion is writing (see above) and I do take some classes toward that end with STEPHANIE MOORE (of Mill Valley)

My athletic interests have moved back (since my ankles turned to mush) to swimming and I am in the S.F. DOLPHIN CLUB - (I am one of those folks you see swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco on New Years Day, also across the Golden Gate (my pal Stan dragged along a 6 pack tied to his ankle and we had a brew at the half way point under the bridge)

11.How many times married?


Peg Duggan and I were married shortly after college and produced two stallions Ben and Luke (you will learn more about them when you read my bio...this is not it...) but good intentions were not enough to keep us together for more than 9 years. I tried to determine if bald men were still attractive to the opposite sex (sorry, Biff) and discovered that no hair is O.K. My current wife Marcy and I have been married for over 20 years (a new personal record for me) and have a son named “Jack”...who is finally in college.

12. How many cars have you owned?

My first car was a 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe (the name just trips off of your tongue, no?) I purchased it for $100 from Shelly Schwartz’s dad...and it was a GOOD ride. I then bought Jack Mosher’s 1957 Ford Mainliner (try naming a car that these days!) to get that 272 V-8 power...but I never got to claim it as my OWN...I had the car for four years and whenever I drove it through town everyone would say, “You still driving Jack’s car, eh?” Then a l968 Chevy Impala. Then a 1969 VW bug yellow convertible. I had a Honda for a while...too plain vanilla for me. I have settled on a 1986 Volvo wagon burgundy. I use it like a truck and have had full dumpster load of wood in (and tied on the top) it at one time. I recently put my National Rifle Association sticker on it, neatly next to the back window wiper, just to turn heads. I don’t mention the other car. It’s not politically correct.

13. What’s the longest period you have lived out of a suitcase? Why?

What’s a was a cardboard box. Or, a backpack. In the Sierra Madre, with Pinto, Mosher and Shippey for a week or so. Mexico. Canada...Costa Rica for a while.

14. Describe the most influential, impressive, important museum exhibition you have seen.

My wife is an artist. I see a lot of art. Go to this website and you too can the most influential art in my life.

Gwynn Williams breaks his silence:

Name five book titles that greatly influenced your life?

I suppose I was way ahead of my time and became a 'media child' at an early age (We had an 'Admiral' TV in our home in 1950) I only finished one book and can't even remember the title......something about a boy named Jack and some girl who were involved in retrieving some water. If Dell Comics or Classics Illustrated didn't print it. I don't know it.

How many children do you have?

Two boys and two girls. Please don't excommunicate me....They all attended Drake High School.

How many grandchildren do you have?

How could you ask such a question? I can't be that old, and the words 'Gramps' or 'Gramma' just wouldn't seem appropriate at a reunion!......... Uh.....I have seven of those things.

How many addresses have you had since 1963?

  • Beale AFB (63-67)

  • San Rafael (68)
  • Fairfax (68-84)
  • San Rafael (85-91)
  • Kentfield (91-97)
  • San Diego (97 to present- but still a 49er faithful).

How many countries have you visited?

I chuckled at this question. After all, I was in the United States Air Force for four years. Not just the USAF, but the Strategic Air Command. Our B-52 bombers flew worldwide and SAC bases were spread throughout the world. Beale AFB then became home base for the super spy plane (SR-71) in 1966, so you can see I had carte blanche to anywhere I wanted to go. So, my answer Disneyland count?

How many passports have you had?

See above. (But I still use my Disneyland driver's license)

Name five films that greatly influenced you?

That's easy! There's only one and that's 'American Graffiti'. I always wanted to see what a prom at Tam Hi looked like and finally had the opportunity. ( I still have a lawsuit pending against George Lucas for shamelessly copying me with that 'Toad' guy).

List five things that really irritate you?

  1. Nothing more disgusting than unwrapping my hamburger and finding a cigarette butt ground right in the middle of the bun. I suppose I could do business at dumpsters located near the better fast food restaurants.

  2. Squatters! Leave your cardboard box for a minute.............
  3. Panhandlers........They think they're so much better than I
  4. Lap dancers named Rotunda.
  5. Paramedics and doctors who are professing Jehovah's Witnesses.

If you went to rock concerts, what was your favorite performance/show?

Never made it through the front door........looked too suspicious.

How many organizations do you belong to?

  1. Veterinarians of Foreign Wars. We never hear of the untold sufferings of cute little critters wounded during war. Does anybody remember the flamethrowing "Kaiserflinger" (Germanus-Flambe) of WWI, or the oil-dwelling "Wart-hog" (Iraki-inna-Bushis) of the Persian Gulf war?

  2. AARP.......But I'm quickly outgrowing this organization.
  3. People for the American Way.......We recently moved our headquarters to Mexico City.
  4. The 'Hand-eye coordination' Institute of America. Untold tens of people like me suffer from this dreaded disease. ('Once struck out five times in a 'T'-ball game) One physical symptom of 'Hand-eye' is small red spots on the face...... not from bacterial infection. The victim was probably stupid enough to try to eat with a fork!

How many times have you been married?

Once is enough for me! Lynne Angland (Class of '67) 1967-1974. Very single since.

How many cars have you owned. What do you drive now?

My first car was a '51 Ford........completely beat up and held together with parts from at least twenty other '51 Fords. Things went downhill from there....approximately 25 cars that either expired from strokes or heat exhaustion....Oh, yeah..... the bank relieved me of a couple. I now drive a motorcycle with two doors and a windshield...... called a Geo Metro.

What is the longest time you lived out of a suitcase?

No more than a couple days......usually the time it takes for the owner to report the theft to the police.

Describe the most influential, Impressive, important, etc. museum exhibition you have ever seen?

It was at Disneyland......I'm Serious! I visited Disneyland in the late '50's when you had to buy a ticket for every ride. After I ran out of tickets, I bummed rides on all the free exhibits. I hopped on a 'people mover' that ran through an exhibition in 'Tommorowland'. As we entered, it became very dark as we were surrounded by what seemed to be the stars in the universe. From that great expanse, we began to 'shrink' into our solar system, then to earth, and into the human body. We continued to shrink into the individual organs, the blood stream, the cells....then into the nucleus of the cell, then onward into the atom.....smaller and smaller, until the very end of the ride where it looked to be the very same place we entered. The minute particles looked exactly like the stars.

That ride impressed upon me for the first time that the universe was not some random result of a 'big bang', but something that was created by an intelligence that far surpassed our puny minds. It began a spiritual journey for me that led me to the one and only creator.

Jon Diederich glares at the pitcher and rubs dirt on his hands:

Books that have influenced my way of thinking (Why limit yourself?)

  • Memories, Dreams and Reflections. – C.G. Jung

  • Being Happy – Andrew Mathews (Australian author)
  • James Beard’s Cookbook
  • Wind in the Willows- Kenneth Grahame
  • The Flounder – Gunter Grass
  • Imperial San Francisco – Gray Brechin


One son, Wes, 20 yrs, attending SRJC

No grandchildren


20: Mill Valley, Vallejo, Woodacre, San Anselmo, Mill Valley, Bolinas, Willits (3), Fetter’s Hot Springs, Glen Ellen, Weaverville, St. Helena, Santa Rosa, (3) Monte Rio, Petaluma (2). Currently living in Sonoma.

Countries visited

40, I think. I keep remembering others every day. I’ve been “messing about in boats” since 1963. Also 15 States.

Passports: 4


  • Treasure of the Sierra Madre

  • One eyed Jacks
  • High Plains Drifter
  • The Life and Opinion of Masseur Ichi-Zato-Ichi monogatari
  • Bullit

Things that I think are “just plain wrong”

War. Ignorance. Greed. national arrogance. The increasing illiteracy of the American public. Things that irritate me are the fact that they are handing out driver’s licenses to cretins every day. Also, biting the inside of my mouth with my big old teeth!

I remember seeing Jim Morrison fall off the stage at the Mountain Theater. That was pretty good.


  • Marine Engineers Beneficial Association

  • The Carrot Club
  • Nightcrawlers

I was married once before my current and ( GOD willing) last marriage,


44 that I recollect right now. Six motorcycles. I drive a Volvo Station wagon now.

Longest period I lived out of a suitcase was about eight months after I got divorced.

The most impressive museum I’ve seen is the Palace Museum in Beijing, also known as the Forbidden City. And, yes, there is a Starbuck’s right in the middle. The most influential museum would be the Mendocino Co. Museum in Willits, where I worked for about a year.


Bob Cogswell takes one on the inside corner

Julia's questions:

1. Name five book titles that greatly influenced your life.

The People's History of the U.S. (Howard Zinn)

2. How many children do you have?

Four: Marc, 40 (step-son) Camille, 37, Perelandra, 34, Alima, 32, all with the same woman, Nancy, with whom I'm still married.

3. How many grandchildren do you have?

Three: Olivia 5 & Jacques, 4 (Camille & Laurent) and Emma, 1 (Pere & Andrew)

4. How many addresses have you had since 1963?

Six. The last one since 1971.  

5. How many countries have you visited?


6. How many passports have you had?


9. If you went to rock concerts (Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland), what was your favorite performance/show?

Too many to remember individual dates. Many, many Grateful Dead shows fit. A series of shows by Keith Jarrett at the BCT in the '70s, all of which were intense. Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review when it came through here, and his later, Christian influenced show at the Herbst Theater.

11. How many times have you been married?

Once. Still.

12. How many cars have you owned? What do you drive now?

Over 100. Toyota Corolla

13. What is the longest period of time that you have lived out of a suitcase?

About 20 days.


Went on the last Grateful Dead European Tour (1990).

Jan's questions:

What is your birthdate? (For oldest and youngest)

Feb. 16th, 1946.

Person(s) you are most curious about and/or anxious to see at the reunion and why:

I am not anxious about seeing anyone, in the sense of anxiety. I have been emailing with Erica, and am looking forward to remeeting with her (I was briefly in contact with her after HS because she married, also briefly, a guy I knew from Redwood HS), although I am sad that she is emmigrating to Eugene, OR as I write this. Also curious about Cheryl Saunders. I missed seeing her at the last reunion as I didn't attend the evening version.

Favorite Teacher(s):

(Not in order). Wallace, Hull, Duddy, Greenwood and the geometry teacher whose class I took twice. And Volandri, the machine shop teacher.

Least Favorite Teacher(s):


Happiest memories of High School?

Don't really have any stand-out memories, good or bad.

Most embarrassing memory of High School?

See above.

(Here's some personal stuff/questions to share if you are brave/foolish enough)

Do you think your personality is pretty much the same?


Somewhat different?

A lot. I was totally self-ignorant until I began learning who I was a few years after graduation. The process continues, with many of the then existing blanks having been filled in in the fullness of time.

Significantly different?

I would say yes, although the qualifier is that I was who I am in potential then, but having seen many people who never realized their potential as life went on, I can say that I feel very fortunate to have made it this far. I am happy with life, personally, as I know it.

Unrecognizably changed? Explain.

No, not in the least unrecognizably changed.

In high school, were you a Nerd? A Jock? A Rebel? A Loner? A Party Animal?

Let's see. Not a Nerd. Not a Jock. Rebel? A little. Loner? Some. Party Animal? Yes, with my circle of similarly alcohol dependant friends.

Class Clown? Other (describe)?

I had a sense of humor. I remember that in Mr Davlin's (geometry) class, I had brought sneezing powder to class and got a lot of pleasure from wafting it into the air and watching everyone get the sneezes. I was caught and disciplined; I don't remember how, but it was stuff like this that made me have to repeat his class, with a more serious attitude, the next year.

Were you: Intense and emotional? Fun-loving and outgoing? Shy and retiring? Angry and obnoxious? the sense of recondite?

Probably shy, in the sense of expressing how I really felt about people I liked. Angry, mostly at a home life that was painful. Nowhere to go with that at school, so it didn't come out that I can remember.

And now...40 years older and are:

Intense, in touch with my emotions and willing to disclose them. Fun-loving and outgoing. Concerned with the health of my world, your world, and the planet in general.

Are you planning to attend the reunion?


Katie Walker looks over Julia's questions:

1. Name five book titles that greatly influenced your life.

  • The Bible

  • The Big Book
  • Mutant Message From Down Under
  • Children of the Lie
  • Bird by Bird

OK, OK, you can include the Story of O & Roget’s Thesaurus -- see there IS more than ONE way to describe a cat! Question: Can I trade in my half-read copy of Erica Jongg’s Fear of Fifty for a copy (used is OK) of I Thought 60 Was A Speed Limit!?

2. How many children do you have?

Two wonderful sons: Christopher, 33, is a carpenter & lives with his family in Guerneville. Zack, 31, is a a refrigeration “expert” & lives with his family in Eagle Point, OR.

3. How many grandchildren do you have?

This is a tough one. I HAD four until my first and most favorite, Tony, barely 13, died accidentally right before last Christmas. No laughter here; my heart’s been broken. However, I have one granddaughter, Ashley, almost six, who’s a pistol, smart as a whip & never stops talking! I’m her “fun” grandma and always show up with rocks or shells for her “collections”. Ashley’s little brother is Dylan. He just turned two and is giving his parents a run for their money. He looks SO much like his daddy when he was little, it’s like déjà vu all over again! And then there’s sweet Ian, just five, who looks enough like Tony that I’ll always have a reminder of a lost love. Ian’s favorite word is “actually” and he’s a wonderful artist & a gentle soul. Needless to say, they’re all absolutely gorgeous!

4. How many addresses have you had since 1963? (Lived in for 3 months or more)

As best as I can recall, around 21. See, my theory USED to be “When the going gets tough, get goin’!”

5. How many countries have you visited?

Canada & Mexico. My travel plans always got interrupted by yet another marriage or move. I have been to hell ‘n back a couple of times. Does that count?

6. How many passports have you had?

Zilch. However, I’ve got a ticket to ride that Glory Train. See me at the Reunion if you’d like one, too. It’s FREE!

6. How many passports have you had?

Zilch. However, I’ve got a ticket to ride that Glory Train. See me at the Reunion if you’d like one, too. It’s FREE!

7. Name five films that greatly influenced you.

  • Harold and Maude

  • Schindler’s List
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Beaches
  • Bridges of Madison County (always good for a cry!)
  • Fried Green Tomatoes (the secret's in the sauce)

8. List five things that really irritate you.

Just FIVE?!?! Here’s a few: telemarketers, junk mail, spam email, automated telephone menus (especially AT&Ts), violent & mean-spirited people, bigots, self-righteous Christians, teen-agers that can’t keep their leg still, old people who fumble for change or take 10 minutes to write a check at the check-out stand and I know there’s something else -- oh, yes -- memory loss!

9. If you went to rock concerts (Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland), what was your favorite performance/show?

Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore -- that ol’ Ball and Chain still echoes in my memory, along with strobe lights and light shows. Far out, man!

10. How many organizations do you belong to? List them.

Ah, let’s see -- the Family of God and AA (opps! There goes MY anonymity!) Guess I’m not much of a “joiner” anymore but I try to do “good works”

11. How many times have you been married?

Legally? Read the story of the Woman at the Well in the Good Book and you’ll have a pretty clear picture of my relationship history. Obviously my “get goin’” theory was also applied to marriages! For the past seven years, I’ve been married to a great guy that puts up with all my foibles and thinks I’m pretty, smart and funny. I tell him he’s stuck with me cuz I’m just too old and tired to start over again -- heh, what’s that itch?!?! JUST KIDDING!

12. How many cars have you owned? What do you drive now?

Lots -- almost as many as houses and husbands. Right now I’m driving a bright red Mitsubishi GT 3000. Must have been a “mid-life crisis” thing because it’s ludicrous to watch me slowly fold in and out it! When I first got it I thought “Heh, this ol’ girl still has what it takes!” cuz young guys would follow me and “oogle”. Imagine my dismay when I figured out they were drooling over the car, not me! Oi!

13. What is the longest period of time that you have lived out of a suitcase? Why?

Does a paper bag count? Not long.

14. Describe the most influential, impressive, important, etc. museum exhibition you have seen.

Actually, it was an art exhibit, not a museum, in the Art Dept at UC Berkeley back in 1966. A friend and I had just dropped a large hit of LSD (wasn’t even illegal back then!) and moseyed on up to the Art Dept at night. By placing my nose directly on the wall space between paintings, I was able to detect the ever-undulating movement of the wood paneling atoms and experienced one of those “Aha!” moments. I knew beyond a doubt that everything in our universe is connected -- and now I know that God is the glue that keeps it all together. So, I try to touch lightly on the earth and on every living thing. That insight was worth a thousand Rembrandts!

Kathy shakes off the sign and glares at Jan's questions:

What is your birthdate? 9/25/45 “She’s a young thing and cannot leave her mother.” Or is it “The Ol’Grey Mare She Ain’t What She Used To Be”?

Person(s) you are most curious about and/or anxious to see at the reunion and why:

Rondi Halling, Gail de Bruyn, Sally King, Valerie Ambler, Rhonda Easton, Dale Solberg, Frank Shippey, the “TWINS”, John Holloway, Paul Deutsch, etc. All but Rhonda and Valerie are friends I’ve known since I was EIGHT! We’ve got lots of shared memories growing up in Sausalito together. OK, sweet CK, you, too, you charmer you!

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr Wallace - He made learning FUN.

Mr Hawkes - He treated us like college students & offered classes not usually available in HS. Plus he enhanced my ability to have erotic daydreams.

Mr Reneau - Always had a “glow” & a generous grading “curve” for the ladies.

Mr Peterson - He taught me French and was gracious (OK, a SMALL titter emitted from him) when I was trying to say I had brown eyes and said I had brown armpits instead!

Least Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr Dudley -- BOOOOOOORING! I still hate math!

Happiest memories of High School?

Football games, cheerleading, pep rallies, the back parking lot gang, DANCING!, meeting friends for coffee n cigs at the Kettle or Juanita’s, partying at the Dam, Pecker’s Point, dates, trading clothes with girlfriends, talking on the phone, passing notes in class, slumber parties, going to the drive-in movies, C’s, cutting school and actually getting away with it, riding around with girlfriends on Sat nights, dragging the strip after the one cop on duty had gone by. Geeez, THAT was the life!

Most embarrassing memory of High School?

The God-awful, lustful crush I had on Mr Hawkes during my Senior year. I’d blush every time he looked at me! My daydreaming made it difficult to come up with any kind of answer when he’d call on me but somehow I passed his classes! I got over it; must have been some kind of “father” thing -- who knows -- but it made me want to do Hail Marys and beat myself with thorny branches! MOST embarassing? Perhaps it was the time, after a few brewskies, I decided to flash my “perkies” at the security cop in front of Juanita’s. I thought was funny -- Rondi almost died of embarrassment. Or was it the time I was aroused, scantily clad, from a particularly steamy necking session in the backseat of a car (who’s owner WILL remain anonymous) by the bright light of a cop’s flashlight. The cop asked us if we knew what time it was. My date gave him some glib answer which I was sure would get us hauled in to the station and result in my mother having to fetch me in a state of hormonal disarray. Instead, we were told to get dressed and go home. Cops were nicer then, weren’t they?

Do you think your personality is pretty much the same? In high school, were you a Nerd? A Jock? A Rebel? A Loner? A Party Animal? Class Clown? Other (describe)?

I’m still basically a happy, fun-lovin’ girl but now I know it’s OK to be sad or mad when I’m sad or mad. I learned at an early age that if I could make you laugh, you’d like me, and that was of utmost importance. Smilin’ on the outside when I was dyin’ on the inside almost killed me. I always thought I had to “have” someone to be someone. Today I’m comfortable in my own skin and enjoy my own company. In fact, I lean towards being a recluse! When I was younger, I always wanted to be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else. I figured out I was the problem, not people, places or things. I’ve always had friends and especially cherish the friendship of women. Some I’ve had for 50 years! I had the “good girl/bad girl” thing going on in High School. Was “good” to please my mother and “bad” to please myself (or so I thought). I split my time between the front and back parking lot arena, so I got twice the bang for the buck, so to speak. I know I played on being perceived as an “airhead” -- and I really was naïve to a large extent. I thought being intelligent was a curse to my femininity; today I see it as a valuable an asset.

And now...40 years older and are:

A precious child of God, peaceful, grateful and ever in awe of the world around me. I know where I’m going and I’m just out to enjoy the ride.

Quality (or habit, vice, etc.) you would most like to change/stop?

The “gift” of criticism.

Are you planning to attend the reunion?

You betcha. Let’s be realistic, many of us won’t be around in ten years or will forget to show up! Let’s make a deal. I won’t be upset if you don’t remember me, so don’t be upset if I don’t remember you. See you there!

Diana Weil Randrup tells it like it is

1. Name five book titles that greatly influenced your life.

  • Grimm's Fairy Tales (childhood)

  • The Robe by Thomas Costain (adolescence)
  • The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer (20's)
  • The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll (30's)
  • The Elements of Style by Strunk and White (40's)
  • The Social Lives Of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (50's)

2. How many children do you have?

  Two: Kirsten, age 38; and Matt, age 37.

3. How many grandchildren do you have?

  Three: Karen, 17; Sonia, 13; Max, 12.

4. How many addresses have you had since 1963?

  Eleven: Sausalito, Glen Ellen, San Anselmo, Oakland (4), Concord (2), Gasquet, CA (a tiny village near Crescent City), and Crescent City, CA.

5. How many countries have you visited?

  Only Canada and Mexico.

6. How many passports have you had?

  Two, never used.

7. Name five films that greatly influenced you.

  I don't know that any films greatly influenced me, but these come to mind:

  • Network

  • The Conversation
  • Alien
  • Manhattan
  • Gosford Park
  • With honorable mention to The Sting and A Bridge Too Far.

8. List five things that really irritate you.

  • Litter and debris on the beaches and riverbanks

  • MTV
  • People's fear of dogs
  • The nonsensical bickering of children
  • Car commercials

9. If you went to rock concerts (Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland), what was your favorite performance/show?

  I missed most of the concerts of the 60's, but went to many later. My favorites, I guess: Jerry Garcia at Keystone Berkeley, Starship at UC amphitheater, and Jim Carroll at Old Waldorf in SF.

10. How many organizations do you belong to? List them.

  None, except the animal rights groups that get my donations.

11. How many times have you been married?

  Once, 1963-67.

12. How many cars have you owned? What do you drive now?

  All old ones: '51 Lincoln, a Vauxhall, '56 Oldsmobile, VW bug, Corvair wagon, VW wagon, '59 T-bird, no car for 10 years. Now I drive an '86 Honda Prelude.

13. What is the longest period of time that you have lived out of a suitcase? Why?

  Probably only for a couple of 2-week vacations, unless you count some hospital visits of a month or more.

14. Describe the most influential, impressive, important, etc. museum exhibition you have seen.

  Van Gogh exhibit, Los Angeles, spring 1999. Wonderful, magical, brilliant, superb.


Laurie Pemberton Maricle

1. Name five book titles that greatly influenced your life.

  • Recovering From The War, Patience H.C. Mason

  • The Hiram Key, Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas
  • A Year By The Sea, J. Anderson
  • Out On A Limb, S. MacLaine
  • Life on the Other Side and most of Sylvia Browne's books
  • Infinite Mind, Valerie V. Hunt.

2. How many children do you have?

One daughter, Chelsea, born 1/11/84; just completed her freshman year at University of Oregon in Eugene, majoring in International Relations and English. She'll be studying in Perujia, Italy, for 3 months this summer as one of 30 students selected to take part in the '03 overseas study program. Wants to work toward world understanding and peace with the United Nations some day.

3. How many grandchildren do you have?

None. I'm not old enough.

4. How many addresses have you had since 1963?

Over 30. This count has provided me with an amazing perspective on my very varied life. I had to sit down and write out the whole 40 years; I've definitely been a free spirit (still am).

5. How many countries have you visited?

New Zealand (studied at Victoria University in Wellington for a year in '65); Australia, Fiji, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland.

6. How many passports have you had?


7. Name five films that greatly influenced you.

  • The Sixth Sense

  • The Red Shoes (hey Ludlow -- me too)
  • High Noon
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's (I became Holly Golightly--no one could "own me" or keep me in one place)
  • Jaws
  • Apocalypse Now (being married to a Vietnam vet, it brought home the depth of horrors).

8. List five things that really irritate you.

  - Freeway drivers who flip you off in great anger--"after they themselves have experienced an error in driving judgment" (was that kindly put?). The "Blame Game" is alive and well; sadly no one seems to take much responsibility for their own blunders any more. - Parents who are not respectful of their own children, no matter how young or old their children may be. - Men much younger than our generation who stand on the street corners begging for handouts while claiming on cardboard signs that they are Vietnam vets. Wannabes? Good God. Enough

9. If you went to rock concerts (Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland), what was your favorite performance/show?

Being raised in a strict family (Quaker father), I was never allowed to attend or even attempt to attend such off-limits events. My rebellious years came after I left home.

10. How many organizations do you belong to? List them.

Many varied community organizations over the years; currently, however, I am a Trustee of the Governor's Mansion Foundation for the State of Washington. My position is to arrange for and organize all of the Governor's Chamber Concerts that take place at the ballroom of the Executive Mansion four times a year. The job makes me very happy. You're all invited to attend the next one in September.

11. How many times have you been married?

Once. My husband is Scott Maricle, raised in Massachusetts, a grad of Dartmouth College and SF's Hastings Law School. Married 24 years last April 2nd.

Prior to that, I lived with a man for five years, which ended when I left what had become an abusive situation. We had sung professionally together for those five years.

12. How many cars have you owned? What do you drive now?

I currently own (and am paying off) my 2001 Hyundai XG300L--fantastic car. The President of Korea owns same, I was told... yadayada. My first car was my 1952 Ford, pink/white with a pale green sunroof that I drove to College of Marin; I wish I still had it... 1969 Camaro in hot "hugger orange" -- I streaked the highways instead of putting my well-earned money toward a longed-for trip to Europe (we chose those paths as they're presented to us; I made it to Europe 30 years later...) A 1975 motorcycle--Yamaha 200, bright purple and chrome. I rode for 3+ years when I was living in the Rocky Mtns and singing professionally in ski areas. I still miss the exhiliration of riding, even 25 years later. (I started to read Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance when I sold my bike, and never made it past the first two pages because I was in tears missing riding so much.) 1962 Ford Suburban truck the color of the no-passing yellow lines in the road. My singing partner and I hauled all our sound equipment (and motorcycles in the summertime) to different ski areas (our hippy look got us searched any number of times at the Canadian border.) 1979 cherry red VW; great car.

13. What is the longest period of time that you have lived out of a suitcase? Why?

Many, many years of living out of suitcases when I was singing in ski areas and cities, but the longest was in the summer of 2000 when traveled for five weeks by myself throughout Europe.

14. Describe the most influential, impressive, important, etc. museum exhibition you have seen.

Berlin's Museum of Ancient Babylon (Vorderasiatisches Museum) which was erected by Hitler; Museum of Antiquities in Florence, Italy; Franco's Tomb in Spain, The Prado in Madrid.

Extra-credit questions?...

1) Favorite Teacher(s)?

Greenwood, Day, Baker. (Remember in French class the Playboy centerfold that one of you placed over the map of France during one of Mr. Peterson's classes? Isn't it interesting the memories we cherish?)

2) Least Favorite Teacher(s):


3) Happiest memories of High School?

Carousel, Senior Prom with my hot date, winning Girls' League Presidency (somebody liked me), singing with Peg Allen, being Honor T Priestess, being part of the Pai staff during my senior year.

4) Most embarrassing memory of High School?

Not just one, but many: showering my skinny body in the girls' gym locker room; those strange body changes all the gals went through and suffering miserably from extremely painful cramps during classes for four years; those hideous front-of-the-class presentations when my whole body went into nervous convulsions (it's amazing I went into singing and guitar playing as a career -- I never foresaw any of that for myself when I was so frightened in high school).

5) Not wanting to end these survey questions on those notes, I'll end with two things that I'm very proud of in my life since leaving Tam.

First: at age 38 giving birth to and raising an amazing, beautiful daughter.

Second: professionally, I was extremely honored to be invited by the administrator of Washington's Executive Mansion to sing for Governor Gary Locke, his wife and 150 guests at a Christmas reception in The Governor's Mansion. I've recently been approached about returning this Christmas, so I'm pleased to know that I still have "a little appeal and musical punch" left. :o)