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This is the personal website of Charlie Kelly. Charles Kelly

Somehow you have found my site, and I thank you for that. If there is something on it that interests you, there is a link to it on this page.

Maybe I will think of a cutesy name for this place, but as far as I know, they're all taken.
Charlie Kelly's Website is clever enough for me.


You know all this stuff is copyright, and you're going to steal it anyway, aren't you?


Mountain Bikes

During the '70s and '80s my involvement with mountain biking led to my induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in Crested Butte, Colorado when the Hall of Fame opened in 1988. For more information on the beginnings of mountain biking and my activities during the early years of the sport, click my photo or the link below.


Charlie Kelly's Mountain Bike Hubsite

The Sons of Champlin


The Sons of Champlin were one of the original "San Francisco" bands from The City's rock heyday of the sixties and seventies, although the group hailed from Marin County just to the north of San Francisco proper. In 1968 I became the chief roadie, and this has led to a number of interesting experiences which I have chronicled here, along with photos of the band from then to now.


Kelly Moving


I move pianos. Somebody has to do it, and the reason I make money at it is because you don't want to. Fancy that.


In this area I have collected information on my business, as well as piano moving equipment and piano moving technique. Click the piano at the right to see the page.

Or click this.


The Kelly Family









My family scrapbook and history


The Fat Tire Flyer was the first publication anywhere in the world for mountain bikers. I started publishing it in the fall of 1980, and stopped in 1987. In this area I have collected some of the articles and graphics from the magazine. Click the Fat Tire Flyer on the left or the title above for more.


Over the past twenty years I have written a pile of material and taken lots of photos, which would be lounging unseen in my files if it were not for this website, where they can remain unseen, but in digital form. Now there's an improvement.




The APHIDS, sometimes referred to as the Legendary Aphids, are a band I play with. For a little background on the group, click the photo.



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