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SONS OF CHAMPLINJefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Ace of Cups, Avalon Fillmore West Ballroom

Since 1968 I have been the roadie for the Sons of Champlin, one of the original San Francisco rock bands from the sixties. I have tried to collect as much of the experience as you can put on a website. There are a lot of stories and photos. Click the links.

Chapter One

I thought this would make a good start.

Summer of Love 30th anniversary concert, 1997

A few stage passes.

The Practice Hall

and other lies

Loosen Up Naturally

Everything I can think of about the album that changed everything. Or was it nothing? Who can say? But what a nifty album cover, it folds right in the middle...and it had a bad word hidden in it.

The Blue Album

The Sons have changed their name. Did anyone notice?.

The Church: adventure in daily living

 You had to be there, or else, where?

A new era of musical responsibility

Yogi Phlegm

The SONS Rise: yet again

Tony Black, me, Howie Hammerman, and the equipment, summer 1973. The only thing missing is the drum set.


On the road...I guess...

This is me, with the famous PHLEGM truck, photographed in front of Black's Butte, near Redding, CA. When the photo was taken I had just climbed to the top and back of the 1500 foot volcanic peak that stands a few hundred yards from Interstate 5 in Northern California.


Amusing stuff that I did to other people


Fillmore Auditorium



Roadie Stuff

Enhancing my own legend because it's my website.


Click the thumbnail photos to see the large versions.

The Sons' postcard, 1973.

Bill, around 1977 at Sophie's in Palo Alto

The band and a bear, at Caribou Ranch, 1977

Terry shares a moment with Paul Kantner at Winterland, 1977

Huey Lewis gets down with the Sons at the Fillmore, 1985. Tim Cain and Johnny Colla (The News) are playing sax.

Some Sons of Champlin Links


The Sons of Champlin Website

Current and a couple of former members

Bill Champlin

Terry Haggerty

Mic Gillette

Tom Saviano

Tim Cain

Rob Moitoza

Tal Morris

More Tal Morris

Some fan comments:

Graham Cooke

Robert Weiner


A good fan site with lots of links:

Fair to Partly Cloudy Music

And don't forget, Mr. Voiceover:

Peter Coyote

An Interesting interview. I'm in there, but not by name

There is a website for roadies. Of course there is.

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