Degree Consulting Services

Specialists in distance learning since 1977, with information and advice on degrees, courses, and certificates

Distance learning is everywhere these days.
But where can you get reliable personal help with it?

Degree Consulting Services provides this help with the most complete information plus personal attention to the needs of our clients. We help our clients to build careers and enrich their lives with the right distance learning degrees, courses, and certificates. This means the very best programs: online, correspondence, non-resident, short-resident, US and worldwide.

DCS is completely independent, with no special relationship or agreement with any university or other organization. This unique service was started by distance learning pioneer and author Dr. John Bear in 1977. Since then, people have relied on us for an objective view of their very best educational options. We've helped thousands to consolidate credits and experience in a respected and affordable degree.

This kind of information and advice from experienced professionals is available nowhere else. We save you work, time, money, travel, and uncertainty in the whole degree process. This means the search, enrollment decision, application, financial aid, and starting studies. The service includes an initial counseling letter, excerpts from the catalogs of recommended programs, and a full year of assistance and updates.

There is no clearer more reliable path to career success and personal enrichment than education. There is no question that it is the key to higher income and job options in this new century. Why not combine all this with learning that's fun? We can help you to clarify what you really love to learn and do, and put more of it into your life.

Web searches and books cannot be complete or conclusive in the dynamic and complex world of distance learning, much less address your specific needs and desires. You must beware of unaccredited universities, diploma mills, and poor or mediocre programs. We know you want a quality affordable program, and that's our focus. We use all the best sources but go beyond them with our knowledge of the programs, feedback from clients, contacts, and over twenty years of experience assisting our clients.

We offer this comprehensive service for $90-- a small fraction of the money you can save with the right degree. With financial aid, this investment in your future could cost very little. DCS can be the difference that makes all this happen for you.

You can get started by answering the Questionnaire, or by contacting us. Details about your education, experience, and goals are essential for our consulting. You can add a letter, resume, transcript copies, or other materials to your questionnaire. Information and questions can be emailed, mailed, faxed, and/or discussed on the telephone. All information is strictly confidential.

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