Degree Consulting Services

How Degree Consulting works

First, we ask you to respond to the questions and items on the Questionnaire. You can attach a letter, resume, and other materials if you wish. We consider all your experience, education, interests, and career goals. Your interests and goals are very important. We're available to answer questions and help you with this process (by telephone 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Coast Time, by email, fax, or letter).

In response, your counselor researches and reviews all the accredited distance learning programs in your fields of interest. He will focus on well run programs that best combine your background, abilities, and preferred learning methods. He makes specific recommendations, but also discusses a range of options so that you understand exactly what is available to you.

Your counselor answers questions and evaluates programs you may be considering, or want to know more about. He discusses the best ways to meet program requirements and short-cuts. He shows you how to coordinate your interests and projects at work with degree requirements, and how to maximize credits for experience.

Assistance begins with the initial counseling letter (usually 10 pages or more). You also receive excerpts from program catalogs (usually 15-20 pages). This is normally mailed to you within 10 days (priority counseling within two days). After your initial counseling package you are assured of a full year of assistance-- as much as you need. We serve as your guide and resource as you enroll and move forward. You'll understand clearly what needs to be done and how to do it.

Every client is unique, and we do our best to address the needs and abilities of each one. This might include help with an application essay, study guides, career counseling, resume writing, substantive discussion of academic subjects, or other areas of interest.

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