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A Personal Message from Peter Proehl

Dear Distance Learner:

Greetings from Degree Consulting Services, started in 1977 by Dr. John Bear to assist individuals with distance learning. DCS remains the only source for totally independent expert personal guidance in this field. Every day we research and evaluate accredited degrees for our clients.

DCS is completely independent, with no funding from institutions or recruitment agencies. Unlike some web sites, we do not "feature" or promote particular programs.

We are ready to help you follow through now with the degree you need. I will discuss all the programs that best match your specifications, based on my consideration of all accredited options. I'll get you on the right path to make the most of all resources. I'll show you how to maximize credits for your experience, maximize transfer credits, maximize financial aid, and get the most from distance learning. The result for you: significant savings of time, work, travel, and money in getting your degree.

Dr. Bear and I were convinced many years ago that the future of higher education was in distance learning. That future is here, with a huge array of options. If you don't study the field every day, it's a confusing maze. There are incomplete web searches, promotions, and a fair amount of hype almost everywhere. We cut through it for you and make sure you get all the quality education, flexibility, convenience, and savings that are now possible. DCS is your insurance against a program that is not right for you. DCS will help you earn the best possible degree at the lowest cost.

I earned my Master's degree at UCLA, and was a Doctoral candidate there. I have been a college instructor and tutor. My experience includes traditional academic advising on fields of study, help with applications, tutoring in the social sciences and humanities, test preparation, advising on financing college, and career counseling. All these functions are available to my clients.

Since 1981, I've been in the very center of distance learning by working directly with more than 8,000 individuals. This is by far the most personal advising in the field. This work gives me a direct practical understanding of programs and how individuals can work with them to their best advantage.

I'll be glad to talk with you. I am available by email, fax, or telephone (Monday through Saturday, 9-6 Pacific Time). We can discuss your interests and goals, how distance learning can help you, and any programs you're considering. Don't hesitate to contact me, with no obligation, of course.


Peter Proehl, MA

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