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6.27.01 - Got some more work done on Scene 4. Man we're having a hard time with this one, seems like our script writing/hanging out sessions turn into big arguments of what we want, oh well, slowly but surely :)

6.25.01 - We witnessed the future tonight by renting the Dead Next Door. Wow is this movie inspirational. Get up and go to that weird NC17 section of your video store and check it out.

Today we also met a guy who's going to give us a hand on getting lots-o-M80's. Little latex and we're going to have some cool ass special effects!

6.22.01 - The Images section is up and rockin now, with great pictures like Jeff's Crysler Lebaron to come. Took out the blog cause who really gives a fuck, and im working on the profiles page so look for that soon. Adios, its friday.

"Zombie: Send...more...paramedics!"

6.21.01 - We did real minimal work on the script today, but instead went around and took some location shots. A lot of those are now linked properly in the script section. Sorry about all the broken links, this is all a big project to us and the website is included =] So go check out the new stuff already, and we'll be back in the next few days with a big update on the script and profiles sections.

6.19.01 - Mitch wrote up a cool About section today. Other than that we added some stuff to the script and Scene four, we're off to eat lots of fruit smoothies and take location shots, party on.

6.13.01 - Time to go to Dave's house and eat food, besides we're stumped on the middle of Scene 4.

Sitting in Kyle's backyard again, trying to work the kinks out of the blog, if you know about this shit write me. Other than that, um, we're writing more scenes. Sign the guestbook cause I know your that bored.

6.12.01 - We all sat around in Kyle's back yard today and pumped out some cool ass new scene. Check them out already! Guestbook and Blog are also in working order.