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BUILD A BETTER YOU with Dr. Jerome Murray is dedicated to providing educational resources for personal growth, self-improvement, and relationship success. Much of what you find here is FREE! Take what you need, copy it, use it, distribute it. If it helps you, let me know. (legal stuff)

Here's just a sample....
Need a dynamic speaker for your next meeting?  Look at this!
Are you getting abused physically and/or emotionally in your relationship? Find help here.
Want to learn more about emotional maturity, and how to get it?
Need help dealing with someone you love, but can't stand living with because of their self-destructive behavior? Learn how to live with a "loser."
Want to handle stress better? Learn about stress. Are you facing coping burn-out? Do you know the symptoms of burn-out? Need to know about stress management?  Who handles stress better - men or women?
Discover the single most important thing you can do to improve your personality --- Build Your Self-Esteem. And learn how to build self-esteem in your children.
Want training to become more successful? Need help with relationships, self-esteem, emotions, stress, children, your job?   Get Help!
Go to the Book Store and pick up some of Dr. Murray's life-changing books and audio and video tapes on self-improvement and relationships.
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