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1997, august 6 - nationwide strike protests wages and gasoline prices
public transport and other commercial activities ground to a halt in the venezuelan capital of caracas august 6 as the result of a general strike over low wages and gasoline price increases.

the 12-hour protest strike called by the venezuelan workers confederation, the biggest labor action in the past eight years, came 15 months after the government placed into effect an imf-approved economic readjustment program that included sharp increases in prices of gasoline and other basic goods.

public transport in caracas, including the underground metro, was halted, and stores and banks remained closed.

the workers confederation estimates that 3 million venezuelans do not earn enough to meet their basic needs, which cost an estimated $300 a month.

from the industrial worker, a publication of the industrial workers of the world.

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1996, november 19 - december 4 - millions of public employees win government concessions
a strike by 1.8 million venezuelan public employees which was originally planned as a limited 48-hour work stoppage grew into an indefinite general strike which is still continuing. the strike was originally organized to pressure the government to pay the $212 million in bonuses promised to workers over 9 months earlier. public sector workers in venezuela earn an average monthly wage of $106, while the cost of living for a family of five has been estimated at $240. during the past 12 months inflation has risen more than 100 per cent.

the strike escalated when, after 2 days of strong public support of the strike, the government still refused to begin payment of the bonuses promised workers. however, on the fifteenth day of the growing paralysis of venezuela's cities, the government gave in and paid overdue salary bonuses.

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