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"I highly recommend David Harris to any nonprofit starting or expanding a planned giving program. His extensive knowledge and experience in fundraising and gift management have been invaluable to our foundation.

"David’s technical knowledge of gifts and their management and his experience with boards, donors and advisors have helped me guide the process of expanding our program."

-- Thomas B. Wilson, Director,
UM Foundation of the Northwest

"The plan David developed actually resulted in greater financial return to our family than we would have gotten doing the easy thing - a little planning & paying the taxes on all of the capital gains.

"We were able to make both a remainder trust and current gifts to our environmental interests, totaling nearly $1 million, and still get the cash we wanted from this business transaction."

-- Warren Linney, CEO,
Broadlink Communications, Santa Rosa

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"I recommend David Harris to anyone facing complex financial decisions. David was so helpful to me, my CPA, and attorney in planning for my family and charities when our closely-held stock was acquired. I like his whole philosophy of service."

-- anonymous donor, San Jose

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Principal Consultant
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