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Short summary of the SWTL technology discussed on this page. Please note that this NOT the same discovery described by Goubau ("G-Line" which required slowing the wave down) NOR is it the same as Tesla describe (though I wish I could create as beautiful drawings as he had!)

Real power transmitted over a single 0.32mm wire A Demonstration - transmitting real power across a short single .013" (0.32 mm) conductor transmission (SWTL) at 146 MHz.

October 2015 Pacificon Presentation, SWTL+Aerostat, Any Ham Can Have A 400' Tower!

Sept 6 WSPR 2m SWTL Test 160' AGL 2m Halo vs. 4 el. Yagi

Using SWTLs to Power Multi-Rotor Aircraft which Support a High-Altitude Antenna

Propagation Measurement Using a Quadcopter, QEX May/June 2016 (with permission ARRL)

At the Pacificon 2011 Antenna Forum, I gave a presentation that included an overview of three different amateur applications for surface wave transmission line, along with a new antenna theory for understanding conventional antennas such as dipoles and monopoles as surface wave devices. All but the first of these, "A Flying Antenna" have been published as a three part series in ARRL QEX.