Title Genre Rating
Ace Combat 2 flying 9.1
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (import) flying 8.5
Advanced VG (import) fighting (2D) 7.1
Advanced VG 2 (import) fighting (2D) 9.1
Alundra action RPG 8.0
Akuji The Heartless 3D Adventure 7.8
Apocalypse action/adventure 7.7
Area 51 light gun game 5.1
Art Truck Battle (import) crazy truck racing 6.5
Assault Retribution action 7.0
Assault Suits Valken 2 robot rpg thing 4.0
Asuka 120% Special Buring Fest  (import) fighting (2D) 8.9
Asuka 120% Special Buring Fest FINAL (import) fighting (2D) 9.2
Asteroids space shooter n/a
Apocalypse action n/a
Batman Forever: The Arcade Game beat em up 5.4
Batman and Robin adventure (3D) 7.0
Battle Arena Toshinden fighting (3D) 7.3
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 fighting (3D) 7.4
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (import) fighting (3D) 7.9
BioHazard: Directors Cut (import) adventure/3D 9.0
Bloody Roar (import) fighting (3D) 9.0
Bloody Roar 2: Bringer of the New Age (import) fighting (3D) 9.0
Brave Fencer (US) and (import) with
Final Fantasy VIII / Ehrgeiz / Another Mind demo
Breath of Fire III RPG 7.0
Broken Helix adventure/3D 9.3
Bomberman Fantasy Race racing 7.0
Burning Road (import) racing 6.3
Bu Gi fighting (3D) 6.0
Bushido Blade (import) fighting (3D) 9.1
Bushido Blade 2  (import) fighting (3D) 8.9
Bust A Move  (import) dancing 8.4
Bust A Move 2 (import) dancing 8.0
C: The Contra Adventure shoot em up sidescroller/3D 4.0
Captain Commando beat em up 5.0
Capcom Generations I (import) compilation 7.0
Capcom Generations II (import) compilation 7.0
Colony Wars space adventure/shooter 8.8
Colony Wars: Vengence space adventure/shooter 8.6
Contra: Legacy of War shoot em up 4.7
Cool Boarders 3 sports (snowboarding) 6.0
Crash Bandicoot 3 3D platform 8.8
Critical Blow (import) fighting (3D) 7.9
Cyberbots (import) fighting (2D) 7.5
Dare Devil Derby 3D racing 5.3
Darkstalkers fighting (2D) 8.0
Darkstalkers 3 fighting (2D) 8.5
Dead or Alive fighting (3D) 8.5
Densyu Bo Returns move a stick game 1.0
Destruction Derby driving 7.2
Destruction Derby 2 driving 8.1
Diablo action RPG 7.9
DieHard Trilogy adventure/gun/driving 8.5
Dodonpachi (import) vertical shooter 8.8
Dracula X  (import) adventure 9.1
Dragon Ball Z Legends  (import) fighting/beat em up 6.4
Dragon Ball Z Ulimate Battle 22  (import) fighting (2D) 6.4
Dino Crisis (import) 3D adventure n/a
Driver driving 9.3
Duke Nukem: Time To Kill 3D adventure 7.0
Einhänder  (import) shooter 9.1
Elemental Gearbolt  (import) light gun game 7.5
Ehrgeiz (import) fighting (3D) 8.9
Fantastic Four beat em up 4.5
Fighting Force beat em up 3.5
Final Fantasy VII  (import and US) RPG 9.4
Final Fantasy VIII (import and US) RPG n/a
Future Cop LAPD adventure/strategy 8.6
G-Darius horizontal shooter 8.5
Gamera 2000  (import) flying game 8.6
Captain Commando (import) beat em up 7.0
Choro-Q Wonderfall racing 5.0
Cool Borders 3 snowboarding 7.5
Grand Tour Racing racing game 7.5
Gran Tourismo (import) racing 9.1
Guilty Gear (import) fighting 9.4
Gun Barl: Gunbullet 2 (import) light gun 8.5
Gungage 3D adventure/shooter 8.1
Gundam: The Battle Master  (import) crazy robot fighting 7.3
Gundam: The Battle Master 2 crazy robot fighting 8.1
Guyferd (import) stupid FMV/card battle game 2.0
Cybernetic Empire (import) 3D action/adventure 9.0
Hello Kitty puzzle 5.0
Hyper Crazy Climber  (import) platform 3.2
Hyper Rally Racing  (import) racing 3.5
Horned Owl  (import) light gun game 6.3
International Superstar Soccer '98 sports (soccer) 8.0
Jade Cacoon rpg n/a
Jet Moto racing 7.3
King of Fighters 95  (import) fighting (2D) 6.8
King of Fighters 97 (import) fighting (2D) 6.9
Lethal Enforcers I & II light gun game 6.0
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen adventure/rpg 9.6
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 3D adventure/rpg 9.1
Legend of Mana 4 (import) action rpg n/a
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete rpg 8.0
Macross: Digital Mission VF-X  (import) crazy flying game 7.8
Magical Hoppers (Pandemonium)  (import) 3D platform 8.6
Marvel Super Heroes fighting (2D) 8.9
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (import) fighting (2D) 8.8
MediEvil 3D adventure 8.8
MegaMan X 4 sidescroller 8.5
Metal Gear Solid (import and US) 3D Tactical Espionage Action 9.2
Metal Slug  (import) action shooter 8.5
Mobil Suit Gundam II: Chars Counter Attack 3D flying robot shooter thing 6.5
Monster Rancher RPGish crazyness 7.5
Mortal Kombat 3 fighting (2D) 8.0
Mortal Kombat 4 fighting (3D) 9.0
Mortal Kombat Mythologies fighting/side scroller 8.5
Moral Kombat Trilogy fighting (2D) 9.0
NBA Live 97 sports (basketball) 8.5
NBA In The Zone 2 sports (basketball) 8.5
NFL Blitz sports (football) 9.2
NFL Gameday 97 sports (football) 8.1
The Need For Speed racing 8.9
Need For Speed II racing 7.5
Need For Speed III racing 8.9
Need For Speed 4: High Stakes racing 9.1
Need For Speed: V Rally racing 5.4
Nightmare Creatures 3D adventure 8.0
No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!!!!!! crazy run around domino guy 8.5
Oddworld adventure 8.0
Omega Boost (import) 3D flying robot battle n/a
ONE action/adventure 8.8
Overblood  (import) adventure/3D 8.8
Over Drivin' Skyline Memorial  (import) racing 7.0
Pandemonium 2 3D platform 8.8
Panzer Bandit beat em up 8.0
Parappa The Rapper rappin' music game 8.4
Parasite Eve action/menu RPG 8.7
Peak Performance racing 8.5
Persona RPG 6.4
Pocket Fighter (import) fighting (2D) 8.5
Project Overkill adventure/shooter 7.1
Puzzle Bobble 4 (bust a move 4) (import) puzzle game 9.0
R-types (import) horizontal shooter 7.5
R-Type Delta (import) horizontal shooter (3D) 9.1
Rage Racer racing 8.3
Rally Cross racing 9.0
Raystorm  (import) shooter 9.0
Remote Control Dandy (import) big robot adventure thing n/a
Resident Evil adventure/3D 9.0
Resident Evil 2 adventure/3D 9.3
Return Fire war/capture the flag 8.8
Ridge Racer racing 6.7
Ridge Racer Type 4 (import) racing 9.0
Rival Schools: United By Fate (Shiritsu Justice Gakken: Legion of Heroes) (import) fighting (3D) 9.3
Road Rash 3D racing 8.2
Robo Pit fighting (3D) 6.9
RockMan Battle and Chase Racing 8.3
RockMan 8  (import) side scroller/shooter 8.5
RoboTron X 3D action/shooter 7.2
Rogue Trip driving/shooter 7.0
Rosco McQueen FireFighter Extreme fire fighting 1.5
Rush Hour racing 7.1
R-Types (import) shooter 7.5
R-Type Delta (import) shooter 9.1
Sailor Moon Super S  (import) fighting (2D) 7.1
Samurai Shodown III  (import) fighting (2D) 6.4
Samurai Shodown IV (import) fighting (2D) 7.0
Sangoku Musou  (import) fighting (3D) 8.0
Serial Experiments LAIN crazy insane anime game.. hurt brain n/a
Shipwreckers crazy boat game 7.6
Shadow Struggle  (import) fighting 8.6
Shadow Tower 1st person RPG 4.0
Silent Hill Adventure/3D 8.8
Slayers Royal (import) RPG 8.3
Sol Divide (import) old-skoo 2D sidescrolling shooter 8.0
Soul Edge  (import) fighting (3D) 8.7
Soviet Strike  flying/shooter 6.2
Stahlfeder (import) vertical shooter 7.3
Star Gladiator   (import) fighting (3D) 9.1
Steel Harbinger 3D action/shooter 7.3
Street Boarders (import) sports (skateboarding) n/a
Street Fighter Collection fighting (2D) 8.1
Street Fighter Collection 2 fighting (2D) 8.3
Street Fighter Alpha fighting (2D) 7.3
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha  (import) fighting (3D) 9.0
Street Fighter Zero 2  (import) fighting (2D) 8.7
Street Fighter Zero 3 (import) fighting (2D) 9.4
Suikoden RPG 7.5
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo puzzle 9.1
Super Puzzle Fighter II X (x2)  (import) puzzle 9.1
Syphon Filter 3D action/adventure 9.4
Tekken fighting (3D) 8.1
Tekken 2  fighting (3D) 9.0
Tekken 3  (import) fighting (3D) 9.6
Tenchu  (import and US) adventure/3D 8.9
The 5th Element adventure/3D 7.5
Thrill Kill (beta) fighting 7.0
ThunderForce V shooter 8.7
Time Crisis  (import) light gun game 8.7
Tobal No.1 fighting (3D) 7.7
Tobal 2  (import) fighting (3D) 9.1
TOCA Championship Racing racing 8.0
Tomb Raider adventure/3D 9.0
Tomb Raider II adventure/3D 8.5
Tomb Raider III adventure/3D n/a
Tony Hawk Pro Skater skateboarding n/a
ToshidenSubaru (import) 3D fighting 4.0
Toukon Retsuden 2  (import) wrestling 8.5
Twisted Metal driving/shooter 8.1
Twisted Metal 2 driving/shooter 8.5
Um Jammer Lammy (import) music game n/a
Unholy War w/ Kain II demo 3D arena fighting + 3D adv. 8.5
Vigilante 8 driving/shooter 8.8
WarGames DefCon 1 adventure/strategy 8.9
WWF Attitude wrestling 9.0
WWF Warzone wrestling 9.0
Wild 9 3D platform 8.7
Wild Arms RPG 6.7
Wipeout XL  racing 8.9
X Racing (Burning Road 2)  (import) racing 7.0
XenoGears RPG n/a
Xmen vs Street Fighter EX Edition fighting (2D) 8.0
Xmen: Children of the Atom fighting (2D) 3.0
ZeiramZone  (import) 3D beat em up 9.0
Accessories  Description  
Control Pad (x2) (Sony) controller 9.2
Dual Analog w/ force feedback (Sony)  (import) analog controller 9.5
Dual Shock Analog w/ dual force feedback (Sony) analog controller 9.8
Remote Wizard controllers (Nuby) remote controllers 8.5
PS Arcade (Interact) joystick 5.0
Asciiware joystick (Asciiware) joystick 5.2
Memory Card (x3) (Sony) memory card 9.5
Memory Card  (Nyko) memory card 9.0
HyperBlaster  (Konami)  (import) light gun 9.5
Cobra  (Nyko) light gun 8.2
Virtual Gun (Nuby) light gun 8.8
PeaceMaker (Nuby) light gun 6.5
GameShark  (Interact/Datel) game enhancer 9.0
PC comms link (Datel)  (import) PC gameshark link n/a
Mod Chip (NCS) decoder for imports n/a
Link Cable (Sony) link for 2 systems n/a