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WARNING 2012-11-22: I haven't tested out a lot of these links in several years. I really need to clean this page up. However, feel free to try things to see if they still work.


Planescape Links
The closest thing to an official Planescape site there is. This is the hub of web Planescape activity. There is good information there, as well as "official" products including Planescape support for D&D/3e. There are also a set of web forums.

I am the Mimir
Once upon a time one of the core web destinations for Planescapers, this site hasn't been updated or maintained in years. However, it still has a lot of good information on it.

The Tale of the Bariaur
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Bariaur, with a wealth of fan-contributed material. There's an amazing amount of detail here. If you're playing a Bariaur (and that includes all GMs), this site is definitely worth a look.



Steve Jackson Games: GURPS
Steve Jackson Games shows you how a gaming company's website should be designed. You can find infomration about all the GURPS books from this site, even the ones out of print. They also keep errata for the books on the web, as well as a FAQ and other useful information.

Omar's GURPS Page
This is very self referential.

Brett Slocum's GURPS Page
Are you looking for other GURPS conversions? Bertt Slocum's page is the first place you should look; he's got scads of them indexed.

Unlimited Mana: An Alternate Approach to GURPS Magic
This is an alternate system of mana accounting by S. John Ross that might work well with Planescape.


Miscellaneous Links

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