The Rule of Threes



Rants, campaign information, and (maybe someday) original material for Planescape.



GURPS Planescape

Planescape is a setting, not a game. It's entirely possible to play it without using D&D, if you prefer another rules system. I have played it using GURPS; this site describes the rules conversions I've used.

Fudge Planescape

Yet another conversion of Planescape to a generic rules system. Fudge is a highly flexible and customizable, as well as fast-playing game system. So far, I've only played one session with Fudge Planescape, but hope to play more. Fudge Planescape is very much under construction! A few of the links aren't created yet.



The Society of None

A Planescape PBEM I tried to run years ago, but that fizzled almost before it even got started.

Omar's Planescape Campaign

I've run two Planescape campaigns, one with a GURPS gaming group in Berkeley, and a one in Nashville with a smaller (also GURPS) gaming group. Summaries of these games (primarily to remind the participants what has happened) are online here.

The Rockfall "Good" Group

Yet another Planescape campaign has started, this time with a gaming group in Squamish, BC. A bunch of primes fell through a conduit by accident (and straight into the bulk of the adventure "To Baator and Back" from Well of Worlds. This time around, I'm using Pathfinder as the rules set.



Eliminating Alignment

Alignment is a part of the AD&D mechanics system. And, yeah, it shows up throughout Planescape. However, I don't think you need alignment in order to capture the essential character of Planescape. This screed tries to explain why.

Music of the Planes

This is as fluffy as it gets. Whereas many folks in my generation (and younger generations) tend to cite what popular music they find relevant or inspirational for various bits of their gaming, this page describes what pieces classical music I think best fits each outer plane.

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