The Rule of Threes


The Planescape Master Index

This is an ambitious project which is only just getting started. My goal is to build an index of all characters, places, and items which are referred to in official published Planescape products. This way, when one comes across a reference to somebody or something, one can figure out where else that thing is discussed. Each entry will have the name of the person, place, or thing, the references where it appears, the primary plane which is relevant to it, and a set of keywords. This will be a searchable database, so that you will (for instance) be able to get all names associated with the plane Bytopia, or everything with "athar" as a keyword.

It will take time to build up the index; currently it is very paltry, and as such not very useful. Over time, however, hopefully it will become more useful.

The Index is currently not online; I need to write some code to get it working with my current version of this website. Maybe, hopefully, someday I'll hack together the PHP necessary to read what I've got in the database so far, also allowing me to add more things to the database.


Progress Report

So far, I've gone through and added names to the index from the following books:

  • Planescape: A Player's Guide to the Planes
  • Planescape: Sigil and Beyond
  • In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil (about half-way through)
  • The Inner Planes (just started)

Obviously, there's still a lot left to do!


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