World Game News: 1999

December 1999  Focus on South America

The World Bank predicts economic recovery for the region. 

December 1999  Clash in Seattle Over World Trade Talks

Protesters disrupt the WTO's trade talks in Seattle.  The conflict between free trade and protectionism continues.

November 1999  China to Join the WTO

On the eve of the new millennium the U.S. and China have reached an accord to pave the way for China to join the WTO.

October 1999  The Japanese Yen Surges Ahead

The Japanese yen has increased dramatically over the past year.  Watch for a bashing of the yen by the world's central banks in the months ahead.

September 1999  Focus on The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most open and export oriented countries in the world. 

July 1999  Gold Prices Falling

Gold has been demonetized, and the central banks around the world are dumping gold in the precious metals market.

June 1999  The G8 Summit 1999

The leaders of the world's largest industrialized countries convened for the 25th annual economic summit dealing with global issues.

May 1999  Exchange Rates '99: The Euro Falls Behind

Europe's new euro currency has fallen by 10 % since its inauguration in January.  Will it go down further in 1999?

May 1999  The Global Economy & The US Balance of Payments

The Strong US economy with its high imports lifts the world economies.  For how much longer will the US economy be the engine of global growth?

April 1999  The US Economy: First Rate in '98!

The US economy was almost perfect in 1998.  However, history teaches that perfection is the exception -- not the rule.

April 1999  Europe Introduces the Euro Currency

Some consider Europe's monetary union to be the most significant development in international finance since the end of the gold exchange system in the 1970's.

April 1999  The Banana Trade War

The United States and Europe skirmish over bananas, but a trade war between the two trade superpowers is unlikely.

April 1999  Brazil's Devaluation: The Shrinking Real

The Brazilian currency devaluation should spur exports, bring back foreign investors, and help the economy recover from recession.

April 1999  The US vs Cuba: Baseball Slides Around Embargo

Baseball eases political tensions between the US and Cuba and applies basic principles of economic efficiency.

April 1999  The Japanese Economy: Crawling Back to Zero Growth

The Japanese economy is in its worst recession since the 1970s, and its recovery is expected to be slow.

April 1999  The Asian Economic Crisis

Many Asian economies have dramatically reversed direction from rapid growth to severe recession.  For how long will the cyclical downturn last?

April 1999  The Global Economy 1998

The global economy began to slow down in 1998 due largely to the problems of emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Russia.

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