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1:10 AM:
I finally realized that I really wasn't making anymore progress on the story I mentioned in my last update.
So it's posted.
It's called "An Audience With the King" Check it out in the Scribblings section.
I actually have another story that expands upon the mythology of my story that I never posted.
I might post that one some time as well.

I'm so bad.
And not in the good way either.
When I last updated, I promised a rewrite of Jacob, a project that has languished ever since.
I've been promising more frequent updates for a long time, something I've never accomplished.
And, now, I'm going to make another promise.
Y'see, I've been working for the past couple days on a short story/vignette that expands upon
the backstory of one of the characters in my ever-present, but never quite worked-on fantasy story.
It's coming out pretty interesting so far, and I might just post it when it's done.

7:52 PM
Nothing much new here, just tinkering with the HTML around the site a bit... you may return to your regularly-scheduled normalcy.

For those wondering, I'm not dead. :p
As I said way back in my last update, school's been keeping me pretty busy.
Okay, okay, stop the booing. And put down that length of rope and the Cheez-Whiz!
Don't you think I know those tricks?
Now, as I was saying, I am veeeery slowly working on the long-promised re-write of Jacob.
As with anything else, it'll be done when it's done. :p
With any luck, I'll be making another update sooner than the... *counts on hands*
Eight months it took me to update this time. @_@
Decided to do a little early spring "cleaning."
Art page has been cleared of a few of the drawings I'm... er.... not so proud of. *cough*


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