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October 31, 2004
And This Is Maxwell Street is now out of print on CD. We are currently negotiating a new release on DVD that will include a remastered version of all the material previously released on CD as And This Is Maxwell Street along with Mike Shea's classic documentaery film "And This Is Free," which will become available again for the first time in nearly 10 years.

April 2002
We finally got confirmation that the drummer that appears in "And This Is Free" and performs on many of the And This Is Maxwell Street tracks is Jimmie Collins.

February 2001
The Rooster Blues release is nominated for a W.C. Handy Award

September 2000
And This Is Maxwell Street appeared in the North Amerian market as a three-CD set (including the 44-minute Bloomfield/Nighthawk interview) on Rooster Blues Records.

September 2000
And This Is Maxwell Street appeared in the European market as a three-CD set (including the 44-minute Bloomfield/Nighthawk interview) on Catfish Records.

July 9, 1999
Added a page to reflect the acquisition of the rights to the video version of the film "And This Is Free" by Studio IT. The video version is no longer distributed by Shanachie Entertainment. We are soliciting a new distribution agreement.
Added a page on the Bloomfield/Nighthawk interview. The full 44 minutes of the original interview is now available.
Added the index (index only, without details and annotations) to my discography of Robert Night Hawk with an appeal for information about any other discs that contain performances by Robert Night Hawk.

May 9, 1999
Updated the The Music page with a complete track list of the two-CD set. The CDs were released first in Japan on the P-Vine label as PCD 5527/28 on May 25, 1999. We are now soliciting distribution deals in the U.S. and Europe.

November 15, 1998
Added information about the Shinjuku Park Tower Blues Festival 1998 on the page with excerpts from an interview with Sam Carr and Frank Frost.

November 2, 1998
Added a big update to the Japanese portion of the site.

August 21, 1998
The "And This Is Maxwell Street" site is now an Amazon.com Associate site. Buying books through us helps support the project. Thanks!

July 7, 1998
Added photos to the CD page that show the proposed design for the CDs to be released.

June 14, 1998
Added a page with a couple of photos of Maxwell Street today. They were taken by Rika Nakada, who recently toured the area and kindly wrote for us a piece in Japanese on the Maxwell Street preservation movement.

May 28, 1998
Added a photo of Carey Bell to the biography of Carey Bell. Carey recently performed in Tokyo. We spent a morning with Mr. Bell and members of his band going over some of the And This Is Maxwell Street tapes. Much new information has come to light. Watch these pages for updates. To keep yourself informed, please join our mailing list.

May 9, 1998
Added a mailing list to the site. The list will be used to inform list subscribers of major updates to the site and to disseminate press releases as the project nears completion.

March 2, 1998
Added a page with excerpts from our recent interview with B.B. King in Tokyo. B. B. King talks about Robert Nighthawk.

B. B. King talks about Maxwell Street and lends his support to its preservation.

February 9, 1998
Added a link to Görgen Antonsson's Prewar Blues & Gospel on Microgroove on the links page. An extraordinary on-line reference for anyone interested in pre-war blues. Essentially makes most of Dixon, Godrich, and Rye's "Blues and Gospel Records: 1890-1943" searchable.

February 7, 1998
I have added a photo of one of Mike Shea's original sound tape boxes on the The Music page and added a link to Nagra, the company that made the sound equipment that was used to record the sound for the film "And This Is Free." Also, the drummer in the photo at the top of the same page has been identified by Charlie Musselwhite as Jimmy Lee Collins.

December 23, 1998
I replaced the sound clip files on the The Music page. They played only on Macintosh machines. They should now play on any machine using Netscape.

December 16, 1998
Robert Nighthawk's son Sam Carr and Frank Frost (The Jelly Roll Kings) recently performed in Tokyo. Back stage they got a chance to hear some of the And This Is Free tapes for the first time.

November 11, 1998
Don't miss Charlie Musselwhite talking about Robert Nighthawk in an excerpt from an October 1997 interview of Charlie Musselwhite conducted by Tokyo-based blues writer Allan Murphy and Colin Talcroft

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