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A variety of mushroom dyeing classes using Australian species, for both beginning and advanced dyers, produced a wonderful range of color. We made lovely pieces of mushroom paper using Australian polypores, explored tapestry weaving, heliographs, Bush jewelry, double sided knitting, and illustrating fungi with methods of documentation and record keeping.  There was also a workshop for making and using "Myco-Stix" © on paper, silk and other fibers. One class explored the function of the pH factor in the chemistry of dyeing, while another demonstrated the extraction of blue dyes from the lichen Xanthoria parietina.

The creative work has evolved so much further than Miriam Rice could have ever dreamed, 30 years ago with the advent of her little introductory book about mushroom dyes!!!

The next event, the 12th International Fungi and Fibre Symposium will be hosted by the country of Denmark in 2005!

Workshops and Classes of the 11th International 
Fungi & Fibre Symposium

Here is a list of the workshops held, with synopses of the class content and photos when available. This part of the Website is constantly evolving as we receive new material and photos from our busy workshop leaders around the world. Keep checking it out!!! (D. Beebee)
Fungi identification Katrina Syme, Dr. Richard Robinson, and Jarred Pedro (Australia)
Advanced Fungi identification – Dr. Mark Brundrett & Roz Hart, (Australia)
Dyeing with fungi for beginners Nessie Henshaw (Australia)
Experiments in dyeing with Australian fungi
Workshop leaders: Jennifer Barter (Australia), Andreya Marks (USA), Susan Hopkins (USA), Nessie Henshaw (Australia), Peggy Buckingham (Australia), Kirsti Palmén (Finland), Anna-Elise Torkelsen (Norway), Etta Glen (Australia), & Hjördis Lundmark  (Sweden)  


Mysteries of pH – Preben Graae Sørensen (Denmark)
Illustrating Fungi – Dorothy Beebee (USA)
Heliographs – Marilyn Caddell (Scotland) 
Small frame Tapestry Weaving - Tricia Gow (Scotland)
Making Paper from Polypores - Anna King (Scotland)
Wearable adornment
– Nalda Searles (Australia)
Two-sided knitting – Marilyn Caddell (Scotland)  
Amazing Myco-Stix
– Dorothy Beebee (USA)  



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