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Mushrooms for Color

by Miriam C. Rice

Illustrations by Dorothy Beebee

The 2nd edition of the innovative book written by Miriam C. Rice explores the use of fungi for dyes on wool, silk, mohair, and cotton, published by Mad River Press, 1980.  It includes an illustrated identification section  many of these dye fungi, with b&w drawings by Dorothy  Beebee.  Color photographs of dye color charts, and a discussion on the chemistry of fungal pigments by Dr. Erik Sundstrom encourage and invite all to continue with the experiments and excitement of mushroom dyes for the next 30 years!  Miriam’s work has been widely referenced by mycologists in recent years and continues to be the original definitive work on mushroom dyes.


Sorry, but this book is now out of print, and has been replaced by "Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix" by Miriam C. Rice

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Notecards by Dorothy Beebee are available


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