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EVENING LECTURES & FORUMS were enjoyed after a day of forays and dye workshops. One such presentation included a talk and demonstration of Aboriginal cultural heritage by Hardy Derschow, (complete with samples of barbecued delicacies of kangaroo, EMU and roasted grubs!) and a demonstration of how to play the didgeridoo, with everyone getting a chance to practice on long plastic pipes. 

Others included “Ethical Harvesting Of Fungi”, a forum held to discuss conservation issues of ethical and sustainable harvesting around the world in order to protect the world’s fungal biodiversity, slide shows about Norwegian and Finnish fungi-dyed textiles, contemporary costume design, the mysteries of pH, Creative body adornment, and a “Bush Dance” in town. These kept us all happily enjoying the mild evenings under the Southern Cross!

100_0023.JPG (242936 bytes)  
photo by Bobi  Ward (Green Skills)  
Hardy Derschow lecturing on Australian Aboriginal Cultural  Heritage
100_0028.JPG (187426 bytes)
photo by Bobi  Ward (Green Skills)
Hardy showing how to blow a “didgeridoo” made of a plastic pipe

100_0036.JPG (181432 bytes)
photo by Bobi  Ward (Green Skills)
Some Scandanavian dyers practice on the didgeridoo!
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