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Making samples
Workshop Leader:

Samples were made by all of the Dye workshops to share with all of the Symposium attendees at the end of the Symposium. 

100_0062.jpg (1203388 bytes)
photo by Bobi  Ward (Green Skills)
Some samples from the dye workshops

Dyeing_label.jpg (187427 bytes)
Photo by Andrea Marks, (USA)
Estelle Canning (Australia) Making labels for Dermocybe dye samples

Sorting color samples.jpg (92153 bytes)
Photo by Andrea Marks, (USA)
Helen Bernasconi (Australia) sorting mushroom dyed color samples

lankanaytteet2003.jpg (347631 bytes)
photo by Kirsti Palmén, (FINLAND)
A collection of dye samples made by Kirsti Palmén, Finland


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