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by Carol Lee

At the 9th International Fungus and Fiber Symposium In Hønefoss, Norway, the group of fiber artists as a whole decided to have a representative elected from each country present to serve on a loosely organized "Board".  This "Board" will help "guide" the planning of future Symposia, help in choosing where they will be presented next, suggest topics for discussion at future Symposia, etc.  The Delegates decided to call this "Board" the "INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FUNGI AND FIBRE".   Each Delegate will be in contact with Fungi and Fiber persons in their own country, collecting suggestions to be presented at the next Symposium.  Anyone having suggestions for the direction studies, or the programs which you would like to see at our Symposiums, please send them on to me to present at our "Board" Meeting.
At the moment, we already have underway some plans for the 2003 Symposium in Western Australia.  It will be another exciting excursion into a world far from ours, so begin to make plans for that year.  We have plans to get a Web Site up and running for the IFFF.  If you have pictures/information on present or past Symposiums that you would like to share, please send them on to me and I will see that they get to the appropriate place.


Carol Lee email: clee@union-tel.com
421 Lomax, Box 731 http://www.geocities.com/fungiandfibre/
Encampment, Wyoming, 82325




Australia Katrina Syme
Denmark Susanne Thorbeck
England Irene Hodgson
Estonia Uve Ramst
Finland Nina Vuorinen
Germany Johanna Maria Burgman
Norway Anna-Elise Torkelsen
Scotland Anna King
Sweden Matthias Andersson
USA Carol Lee


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