The FBI Shoes

Dan Montgomery

September 4, 2003

On Christmas Eve, 2002, my mother took me to the shoe store. It was the same store in Burien, Washington where she always preferred to buy shoes for the family. She bought me a pair of New Balance shoes. They cost $125. The clerk sold these new shoes for only $40. Mother is quite conscious of how she spends her money and might not have bought them if they had been full price.

The shoes had an electronic device in them. Later that night, the shoes started talking to me with subliminal messages.

Mother could not have known that she was programmed to buy them for me. I suspect that the FBI has been programming her for years. People who are programmed hypnotically at night while they sleep almost never figure it out.

The shoes said, "We are Interpol. We have come to help you. We want you to go on a long hitchhiking trip after Christmas."

They said they were going to pay me lots of money and repair my memory which had been brainwashed away by some one else. They said many times that I should tell my story to William Safire.

I suspected that the shoes were making me sick at night. I wrapped them in two layers of aluminum foil to see what difference it made. I slept better when the shoes were wrapped. The shoes nagged that they couldn't help me when they were wrapped.

One dreary and rainy night, I was walking around Stockton, California or rather I was being walked. I did not guess that the FBI shoes had a muscle controller system. I was hit with a microdart. A few weeks later, I started getting symptoms. My kidneys were infected. I had to stop eating any protein food. For a few days, I lived on carrot juice and vitamins. My eyes became very sore. Every day, the shoes complained many times that I had syphilis and needed to go to the doctor immediately. They kept saying, "You are going to go blind."

I took huge amounts of vitamins every day for about two weeks. Then the disease suddenly stopped. I had beaten it with vitamins. Then the shoes said I did not have syphilis. They never said what it really was.

In late January, I was in a town in the San Juaquin Valley. I was waiting for the bus. There were some people talking and then they left. One old Mexican sat in the back silently. He was not really waiting for the bus. He told me he had not had any food for two days and that he had just lost his SSI claim that he had worked on for eight years because of lack of transportation to the hearing.

"You can always file another claim," I said.

"But eight years."

The FBI sends me beggars in big cities just to make a mockery and I routinely turn them down. I was not so sure about this man. I made a quick silent prayer. The Holy Spirit confirmed that he was honest. I said, "If you had a dollar would you buy a hamburger in that Jack-in-the-Box over there?"


I gave him a dollar. He went to the Jack-in-the-Box. He came back with a renewed faith. Just as I was getting on the bus, he thanked me and I gave him a five. For days afterward, the shoes berated me for "giving money to bums."

The FBI refuses to believe that I can have any spiritual motivation at all. If I say that I am inspired, they think I am being influenced by mind control systems like theirs and they turn up the jamming signals. If God does a miracle for me, they think it was mutant power. There is no such thing as mutant power. All spiritual gifts come from God. All I had to do was accept what God wanted to give. They cannot accept the idea that their plans fail because God is not with them. Instead, they rationalize that they are troubled by extraterrestrials among us. They go chasing after aliens which they can never catch because they are not there.

When I attend church, the FBI uses electronic systems to create false spiritual feelings and emotions. They subliminally influence those around me to think that I am not supposed to be there. Church is a place for holy thoughts. It is not the place for someone to insidiously perpetrate a political influence.

Next, I was in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The shoes said I could not go to any part of Arizona except Kingman. A young man drove me to the Grand Canyon Hostel in Flagstaff. I stayed a few nights. I discovered that something had been added to my milk in the refrigerator. The shoes warned me not to drink it. I already had drunk some. It caused a great tiredness and weakness, but this could be relieved with vitamin B1 and manganese. The shoes wanted me to believe they were looking out for me. I was not convinced.

The shoes kept telling me that I had liver disease and that I was going to die of cancer.

They wore out my patience with lies until I told them, "You can keep your money!" Then they said they were going to pay hush money in $20,000 installments because it just didn't work out.

Then they said they were not Interpol shoes anymore. Now they were FBI shoes. They told Interpol to cease and desist, they said. They were going to declassify potential memory, they said.

When they did selective memory impairment years ago, they impaired the wrong part. Now, they do not really know how to recover the lost memory and are probably trying to do something that is impossible with such experiments.

They made fantastic promises, but never followed through. They were going to pay witness-victim assistance money, they said. They were going to let me sue them for three million dollars, they said. The CIA was going to settle out of court for ten million dollars, they said.

I went to Phoenix, Arizona in March and April. I learned Falun Gong from some people who had escaped from Beijing. The shoes told me not to practice Falun Gong. They said it would make me sick. They said I might need exorcism if I practiced Falun Gong. They used electronic systems to interfere with the exercises.

Falun Gong has been banned in China. These are harmless health exercises. Falun Gong is said to be holistic in the sense that it is generally beneficial, but is not used for curing any particular illness. Falun Gong has a subtle way of improving concentration and meditation so that one becomes more resistant to harmful external influences such as electronic mind control systems that interfere with mind freedom.

One day after heavy rains in Phoenix, there was a lot of mud on the bottom of the shoes. I scraped the shoes on the sidewalk as I walked. "Ooo! Ouch!" the shoes complained. They insisted I should not scrape my shoes on the sidewalk ever again.

The shoes said it was time to hitchhike to Oregon. I wen to a small town half way to Kingman on US 60. I camped for the night. In the morning, a jalopy car pulled into the parking lot. The driver said he was going to Oregon and asked if I needed a ride. He told everybody that he was making room for me simply because I needed to go to Oregon. He had brown hair. He wore very tight pants and shirt. He acted like a person who pretends to be straight when everyone knows he is not. His woman was incoherent and had needle marks on her arm. The other passengers were a rough looking man and a female dog. The dog sat next to me.

The driver said they were going to Moreno Valley and then to Oregon. He cut off to the road to Quartzite. I did not know that all of this was a replication of a scenario from years ago. An essential part of the scenario was to stop by the road and urinate while cars sped by. We stopped in Quartzite for gas. The driver said, "How would you like to do some light work? Put some gas in the tank." Later, he asked if I had any money and I said I was broke. He said, "I'm doing this for nothing." He threw me out.

By this time, it was apparent that this was a fragment from an old brainwashing script and they wanted to do some unbrainwashing. They were not planning to do the entire script that day. The shoes said I was only to think about the next part. They filled my mind with ideas.

This is an S and M routine with whipping for punishment. An important part is to perform oral anal service for dogs and people. Wear a specialized leather mask that facilitates this kind of subservience. Have a stripe, the inverse of a mohawk haircut. Imagine that one is a dog, complete with fur. "Forget God. A dog has no sin." Wear nothing but fur and ride away with an Indian on a motocycle. Accept the prongs they plan to install in the skull on the stripe.

The point about all this was, "Remember the Quartzite prophecy. Break through the wall. Remember. I will tell the Quartzite prophecy. The prophecy has to be told." My heart will stop, but do not die. It's a fake heart attack.

Perhaps they have considered the possibility that I would rather die than be put through such unnecessary torture. So they have changed their minds and wish to recover the prophecy that they rejected the first time. Do they think that I am responsible for a prophecy that came from the mouth of a dog? This Quartzite prophecy, whatever it may have been, is not likely to do any more good than the handwriting on the wall.

On April 19, 2003, I was poisoned by the FBI. They gave me some food. A few hours later, I started having heart trouble. I had to take gobs and gobs of vitamin E to keep my heart going. During the next few days, I looked like I had aged five years. FBI agents seldom do anything for one reason. It is apparent that they wanted to make me so mad that I would never have anything to do with William Safire. It is also probable that they wanted to see how far they could go in creating a reckless near death experience in their vain attempt to bring back my lost memory which will never do anybody any good. The shoes got me into this one, too.

The shoes said I should put them away for a couple of months. When I got back to Eugene, I put the shoes in my storage locker. When I started wrapping them in aluminum foil, they complained that it was not necessary, but I did it anyway.

The shoes were not the only source of FBI subliminal messages. Two months later, I was hit with painful electronic waves at night which caused my back to arch. I needed the shoes for protection, they said. I needed to wear the shoes in court, they said. After a few nights of this torture, there was only one thing to do. I threw them out. On the way to the trash barrel, I removed the aluminum foil and could feel a muscle controller system trying to stop me.

Muscle controller systems can control every muscle. They can control speech articulation. They can control body language. They can sculpture the behavior of the witness on the witness stand.

These shoes initially claimed to be from Interpol. I never really believed it. Years ago, the Peoples Temple church in San Francisco moved to Jonestown, Guiyana. They thought they were being harassed and pursued by Interpol and the CIA. The mass suicide in Jonestown in 1978 may have really been murder by mind control.

Copyright 2003 Daniel A. Montgomery