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Watching the events of September 11, were painful beyond belief for me. Because I grieve for the loss of lives, want justice for those lost on that day; desire a world free, safe, and just for all individuals, and want a future in which the events of September 11 can never be repeated, I decided to set up this Web site.

I truly believe, with all my heart and head, that a non-military response is the best strategy for a permanent end to terror. So to end my sense of isolation and to share my beliefs with others of like mind, I decided to set up this Web site. I hope it can be a center for information and material for creating a One World Peace. Please feel free to send me any relevant material or links that you might want to post.

  • We must proceed with the investigation into terrorism via the use of a truly international team, citing and utilizing international human rights law. The Geneva Convention and other international agreements are steps toward a system of international human rights law that is agreed to by nations around the globe. By supporting this system, the United States makes clear that despite its power, it is accountable to the core values of democracy.
  • We must call for immediate resolution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict as a world security measure.
  • The U.S. must begin immediately to forge a respectful,
    alliance-building dialogue with Middle East Muslim
    communities and their governments. We must also begin to truly listen to Middle East nations' suggestions for how to repair their scarred relations with the United States, and to their suggestions for how to address the anger that erupts in terrorism. And President Bush must pledge to discontinue
    the U.S.'s own violence-supporting actions across the Middle East.
  • We have the means, the ability and the will worldwide to eradicate the root causes of terrorism. Let us put money into international humanitarian aid, worldwide public education, and the nutrition of starving peoples, and we will create an environment inhospitable to terrorism and its proponents.
  • Acts of military retaliation that endanger the lives of civilians
    anywhere in the world are unacceptable. We cannot pay tribute to the loss of innocent lives by taking more innocent lives. To paraphrase Gandhi, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."
  • The civil liberties of all people must be protected. We Americans hold dear the democratic liberties granted to us by the US Constitution. It would be tragic indeed if the events of September 11 were to rob us not only of innocent lives, but of our cherished liberties. I oppose any efforts to diminish our right to privacy and freedom of speech.
  • A commitment to peace with justice and love toward our brothers and sisters around the world must be made. From the depths of this horrific tragedy, we must rise up and become passionate advocates of peace with justice and conflict resolution. Only love leads to peace with justice, while hate takes us toward war and injustice.

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