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Direct Action to Stop the War
National Day of DIRECT Action and Civil Disobedience to
Stop the War at Home and Abroad Monday April 7th, 2003
True Majority
The TrueMajority campaign was started by Ben Cohen,
cofounder of Ben and Jerry's. TrueMajority sifts through all the stuff going on in Congress. When your voice counts to create a just and sustainable world, you get an email alert. Then just
by clicking one button a fax is sent to your congressperson in your name. It takes about 2 minutes a month and it's free.
The Petition Site
Links and Lists to petitions you can sign.

Peace Pledge

Sponsored by a growing coalition of national and local groups, the Iraq Peace Pledge is a way for you to:

Publicly register your opposition to war on Iraq.
Add your name to a national list of citizens opposed to war that will be delivered to Congressional offices.
Join a coordinated national campaign to prevent a war with Iraq.

Government Sources
List of government sources.
Vote.com is a fully interactive web site designed to give Internet
users a voice on important public issues and other topics. The
Internet is filled with chances for us to listen and read. This site
gives us a chance to speak out and to be heard. When you vote
on a topic listed on our site, we'll send an e-mail to significant
decision-makers like your congressional representative, your
senators, and the president telling them how you feel.

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