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Jewish Voice for Peace
A Jewish Voice for Peace is a diverse and democratic community of activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, and human rights. They support the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination.
Know Your Enemies
Discussion of groups and individuals that have been in the forefront of recent attacks on free expression and the arts.
David Korten
Excellent site. Below is part of a speach given on SEATTLE DAY AFTER PEACE VIGIL: I stand before you today as a patriotic American, a former Captain in the United States Air Force, and a veteran of the Vietnam War.
This day, Friday March 21, 2003,
will go down in history as one of America's darkest hours. Our brave sons and daughters have been ordered onto the battlefield to risk the ultimate sacrifice, and American planes and missiles have been launched in a campaign of "shock and awe" against the Iraqi people, possibly the most brutal air assault in history, short of dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
The Legacy Project
Their Statement: The Legacy Project offers a channel for mutual recognition across generations and geography. Through scholarly research and innovative presentation, The Legacy Project will create new — and shared — frameworks for cultural expressions of loss, drawn from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Our work will help define the language of human loss - its forms, its symbols, its grammar. The site has wonderful art and photos.
Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy
Founded in 1981, the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP) is a national nonprofit educational association that uses national and international law to promote peace and disarmament. LCNP has been a vital link between policy makers, legal scholars and activists.
Mahatma Gandhi
Site with emphasis on Mahatma Gandhi.
Mark Fiore
Mark Fiore is an editorial cartoonist and animator whose work
has appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles
Times, the San Francisco Examiner, and dozens of other
publications. Features great political cartoons.
Media Alliance
Media Alliance is a 22-year-old nonprofit training and resource center for media workers, community organizations, and political activists. Their mission is excellence, ethics, diversity, and accountability in all aspects of the media in the interests of peace, justice, and social responsibility.
Media Channel
MediaChannel.org is a nonprofit, public interest Web site
dedicated to global media issues. MediaChannel offers news,
reports and commentary from our international network of
media-issues organizations and publications, as well as
original features from contributors and staff.
Mendocino County Media Directory Online
This is a content-rich web site, dealing with situations large and small in Mendocino County.
Michio Kaku
Dr. Kaku has a radio program, Exploration in Science, on KPFA, and mkaku.org is his web site. He has a variety of interesting articles on the environment, physics, and science in general.
Michael Moore

The producer of Bowling for Columbine which has now won 31 awards speaks out!! Great site with a sense of humor.

Mother Jones Magazine
The online version of the Mother Jones Magazine. Source for articles and links to international magainzes and newspapers.

The Moscow Times
Online publication of Moscow Times.
MoveOn helps busy people be effective citizens. MoveOn is committed to broadening participation to counter influence of monied interests and partisan extremes. From this site, you can: sign up for action updates; oppose tax breaks for corporations; speak out thru an issues forum; and support online advocacy campaigns. Great source for information and links.
The Nation
Online magazine. They state: The Nation website will offer continuing reporting, analysis, commentary and investigation on the terror attacks and their aftermath on this special page.
We've put together a collection of relevant resources, including all Nation articles--both from our pages and from the
website--relating to the attacks; a collection of Nation archival material; a series of links to peace and anti-discrimination groups and a set of Internet-based resources devoted to elucidating the true essence of Islamic culture and to discussing tensions in the far-from-monolithic Muslim communities around the world. And we'll be regularly adding new material to this page in the days and weeks ahead. See my copy of the list in Download section.
National Center for Policy Research for Women & Families
The National Center for Policy Research for Women & Families is
a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to providing information that can be used to improve the lives of women and families.
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Online site for the National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights (NNIRR), which is a national organization composed of local coalitions and immigrant, refugee, community, religious, civil rights and labor organizations and activists.
New Scientist
Online Science & Technology News Service.
9-11 Peace Organization
A site dedicated to the belief that a non-military response is the best strategy for a permanent end to terror.
A Non Nuclar South Asia
This web page is devoted towards establishing a South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan) that is free of nuclear weapons or energy.
The Nonviolence Web
Online site devoted to nonviolence. Great resource for links to hard-to-find and under-publicized sites and articles on nonviolence and peace.
Nowar Collective
Excellent source of links to relevant information.
No War For Oil

Peace Demonstrators in US & UK Take Message to the Pumps:
NO WAR FOR OIL. Great site with all sorts of information on this issue.
North Coast Xpress
The North Coast Xpress is a quarterly magazine committed to educating the public, as well as prisoners, about political, social and economic issues related to justice, including but not limited to: preserving the democratic ideals of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, safeguarding the environment, explaining U.S. domestic and global economics, revealing how the criminal justice system works, and providing a voice for underrepresented minorities.
Not in Our Name
Their Pledge of Resistance
: We believe that as people living
in the United States it is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names. Not in our name will you wage endless war there can be no more deaths no more transfusions of blood for oil. Not in our name will you invade countries bomb civilians, kill more children letting history take its course over the graves of the nameless. Not in our name
will you erode the very freedoms you have claimed to fight for. Not by our hands will we supply weapons and funding for the annihilation of families on foreign soil. Not by our mouths
will we let fear silence us. Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples or countries to be deemed evil. Not by our will and Not in our name. We pledge resistance. We pledge alliance with those
who have come under attack for voicing opposition to the war
or for their religion or ethnicity.
We pledge to make common cause with the people of the world to bring about justice,
freedom and peace.
Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real.  
Oxfam America
Oxfam America is an international development organization dedicated to creating lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice around the world.
Oxfam provides financial, technical and networking assistance to grassroots groups to
support their self-help community development initiatives. Oxfam also advocates among national and international policy-makers, suggesting humane public policies that address structural impediments to ending poverty and hunger. In addition, Oxfam educates Americans about the causes and solutions to world hunger and poverty. A major component of our educational and policy work is campaigning throughout the U.S. to get
Americans actively behind the important policy issues that we believe will make significant differences to poor communities.
Peace Action
Peace Action (formerly SANE/FREEZE, founded in 1957), its sister organization, Peace Action Education Fund (PAEF), the Student Peace Action Network (SPAN), and the International Office work through national and grassroots citizens' action to promote global nuclear disarmament, cut military spending, and end the international arms trade.
Peace and Justice Center
Online site for Sonoma County Peace and Justice Center.
Peace Flags Organization
They state: These are the only peace flags available online! Our quality large canvas flags and nylon car banners and wavers are made in America by a flag-manufacturing duo, a printer and a seamstress. A third of our proceeds will be divided among the following causes: disaster relief; RAWA - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (0% goes to corporate relief).
Peace, No War
Online site providing information on: immigrant bashing, violating civil liberties, media censorship, trashing the environment, jacked-up military spending, and corporate tax cuts. Site has some great cartoons.

Peace Pledge

Sponsored by a growing coalition of national and local groups, the Iraq Peace Pledge is a way for you to:

Publicly register your opposition to war on Iraq.
Add your name to a national list of citizens opposed to war that will be delivered to Congressional offices.
Join a coordinated national campaign to prevent a war with Iraq.

The Petition Site
Links and Lists to petitions you can sign.
Pocket Canyon Protection Group

POCKET CANYON PROTECTION GROUP was created in August 2001, in response to a "TIMBER HARVEST PLAN"
that severely targeted a 600 foot high forest and watershed of the Pocket Canyon area in Guerneville (West Sonoma
County). The beautiful and large area of land runs parallel to CALIFORNIA SCENIC HIGHWAY 116.
Praxis Peace Institute
Praxis Peace Institute is a non-profit, peace-education organization dedicated to radical inquiry, deep dialogue, creative problem solving, and informed action.
Prayers Of Peace
Site where you can add: A Million Prayers of Peace to be presented in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and United States.
Project Censored
A good site for information about censorship.
The Public i
The Public i online provides investigative news, commentary, investigative reporting from The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, excerpts from our books and reports, database research reports, and archives.
Purple Berets
The Purple Berets is a grassroots, in-your-face women's rights group dedicated to gaining equal justice for women. They work as advocates for women who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and do direct action political organizing to make system-wide change to give women access to justice.

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