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I enjoy writing. I'd write more stories, but I just can't stay fixated long enough to finish many of the ones I really want to. Even though I can't finish many extensive stories (even though I really want to), I can write something for a few pages and still keep the inspired feel. Especially when it's something funny or something I feel strongly about.

Most of these writings below are things I wrote after something really weird and/or funny happened to me. I'll put a small caption after each, detailing what they're about, though most of the time, you can tell from the titles. They're in chronological order, as well.

The Dentist:

Summer '96 or '97
The very first one of these I ever did. I'm still not very sure on the date. I was due for a checkup at the dentists office, and this time I actually wrote about it, and the weird things the doctors do in there.


This was an E-mail I sent to a bunch of people just as a hello and a happy Thanksgiving, I suppose. No particular reason. And I was also wondering: Why turkey?

My Definition of Hell:

It was Josh's Birthday party, and all of us smart alecks were having a little trouble with the Bus Drivers. It eventually worked out, but it was hell through the rest of it, and kind of pointless, in my opinion.

The Super Bowl:

Now, I am usually not a sports person, but I kind of was a couple of years ago. I've sort of grown away from it, but this was before then. This was a Super Bowl Party we had at Nate's House. This is also the writing where I start developing a fun style with writing these. Definitely one of my best.

The Fourth of July:

At this time, I wasn't very patriotic, so this was sort of a mock patriotism thing for my Fourth of July Experience of going to see fireworks. Believe or not, this is all true, even the part about the explosion. Most people don't believe me.

Going to the Movies:

Whenever my friends and I get together most anywhere, we have fun and get crazy. This is just a short thing about an outing with me and my friends to the Movie Theater.

Halloween Concert:

Josh, Nate and I have a small garage band that plays at public events, school talent shows, parades, etc. This was the first time we had done a private party, much less a Halloween Party for an in-crowd person. Cool.

The Ranch:

Josh's Dad is the manager at Alden Vineyards, which is commonly known as The Ranch. It's an enormous place full of vineyards, trails and wilderness. Josh and I sometimes go there, steal one of the 4 Wheelers and drive around exploring. He doesn't even know the whole place, it's so big.

The Sub From Hell:

Now, getting a subsitute for a class is no big thing for a student. I'm not one of the kids who terrorize subs for the fun of it, but when you're attacked the least you can do is defend yourself. If that sounds like an excuse, read the thing first. It's just crazy that people like this even exist.

Junior Prom:

I don't go to school dances a whole lot, and this was the first one I'd been to since 7th Grade. I have to say that it was a lot more fun than I remember, and much different.