This was a time of opening my eyes and looking around at my life to see where I was. I finally started reaching out and interacting once again. In the middle of this was when I returned to college, and continued to build up my life there. This is a phase of difficulty: of attempting to do things when being constantly troubled and harrassed by problems.

Resume I returned home from college, and picked up the endeavor that I had been pursuing when I left. This is the continuation of what had begun in End Of The Beginning.
Dirty Thing I was doing fine, and then stumbled upon an intense reminder of what happened between Sara and I.
Purity Have you ever been completely taken with someone, yet found it difficult to describe to others why you feel that way? I finally sat down and figured out what it was about her astounded me so much.
Awestruck This was my New Year's Eve. Amidst struggling and suffering, this person had appeared and presented everything I had previously lost, and everything I was seeking.
Grasp Back to college. Back to work. Back to school. Back, trying to pretend that everything I want isn't back at home, quietly urging me onwards. Back, trying to force myself to do things I don't want to.
Permanent I hadn't thought about my past for weeks. My conscious mind was going along fine. My subconscious mind, however, still felt compelled to remind me, through dreams. "Just in case you forgot about it, you screwed up a large part of your life. Remember?" This is a similar to Plagued, only more painful.
Autopilot I started to get caught in the monotony of my schedule at college. Each day, I woke up, did my work as I had planned, then went to sleep. I started to get numb.
Peace Some people just can't take a hint.
Desire I've spoken before about the war with my sex drive, in poems like The Switch. Well, this is the first poem where I've ever let my sex drive talk. This poem is a certain part of my brain, remembering an experience.