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Have you ever wondered how you would build a bike if you wanted the rider to pedal with his feet together? Me neither.

Here we have not one but TWO examples of bikes that raise and lower the rider during each pedal stroke. On both of these bikes, the rider pedals with his feet together and stands up and sits back down to propel himself. Maybe it works on paper.


The world is not ready for Risigo. But that hasn't stopped these guys from showing up at every international bicycle trade show since about 1920.


What do you do when the land yacht breaks down? Take to the land row-boats, that's what you do. Here are two examples of same, since this was too good an idea for only one person to have.


I'm guessing that this guy is the inventor of the Land Rower.


Here's the competing version, the Rowcycle, which had a lower printing budget.


Okay, we've rowed on land, now let's ride our HydroCycle on the water.


The Exycle literature asks a few questions I had never thought of, like, "How can I put my arms to better use while cycling?"
The third page is priceless.

You have to learn to le walk before you can Le Run. I don't know what this is, but it's not a bike and it's not a skateboard. it seems to combine the worst features of several inefficient modes of transportation. No helmets, no visible brakes, ah, those were the days.

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