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Jean's Commute Details

Bike description

Jean's Bike Photo summer: carbon Calfee
winter: Specialized Rockhopper with NiteRider Pro6 light, fenders, road tires

Commute Route

I have the dream cycling commute, IMO. 7 miles on the American River Bike Trail, then a mile through the CalExpo parking lot/frontage road. Almost no interaction with autos; just other cyclists, runners, and wildlife like turkeys and rattlesnakes. I ride year-round; won't typically set out on a pouring rainstorm but will ride in questionable weather. I am lucky enough to have showers at work and can either put my bike in a bike locker or my office. I have been riding to work here for about a year and a half, and for 4 years before that commuted from Alameda to Hayward (17 miles each way), a far less delightful and scenic route.

Bike commuting rocks.

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