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Doug's Commute Details

The Bike: Bridgestone MB3

My commute bike is an older converted MTB. The advantages are longer chain stays, affordable, strong wheels and inexpensive replacement parts. I'm still using thumb shifters and a 7-Speed freewheel. The wheels are good quality WTB greaseguard hubs and Specialized double walled rims with 32 stainless steel spokes. Plenty of strength and reliablility for what I use it for. I had to replace the rear rim as I wore it out in the rain. The drivetrain is a triple up front, 24/36/50 tooth and the freewheel is a 12-21. This gives me plenty of range for my relatively flat commute (I don't need the 24 for the commute. But I use it if I go into San Francisco!). I ride rain or shine. Here's a list of things you need to add to a good all weather commute bike:

  • Fenders
  • Rack
  • Pannier (at least one)
  • Light, rechargable
  • rear flashing LED
  • Tool kit, including; pump, tube, patch kit, allen wrenches, spare gear cable
  • bell, if you're on multiuse bike paths

The Route

My commute is from NW Santa Rosa to Sebastopol, CA. It's about 7 to 8 miles each way depending on my route. There is about 200 feet of climbing each way. There are bike paths most of the way if I choose. But since one, the Joe Rodota Trail, is multiuse, I avoid it at peak times. A bell is a must for these types of bike paths to warn other trail users. I can make the commute in 25 to 35 minutes depending on lights and weather (wind direction, etc.).

I much prefer to ride to work as I arrive alert and less stressed!

email: with any questions.

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