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Deanna's Commute Details

The Bike: Breezer Villager

My commute bike is a Breezer Villager. This bike comes ready to go for commuting and running errands around town. It comes stock with:

  • Fenders
  • Rear rack
  • Lights: both front and rear and they are powered by a tire generator so you don't need to worry about the batteries going dead if you get stuck out at night. The generator also stores power to keep the "Stoplights" going for 10 minutes after you stop pedaling.
  • Built on lock
  • Nothing is quick release--while this makes it a bit of pain to change flats and make adjustments, a thief is less likely to be able to pull off individual parts (wheels and seat).
I've added a tool kit and extra flasher lights to the bike. I also carry a spare flasher to attach to my helmet when I know I'll be taking a route where the car drivers are likely to be distracted. Some other things I can't do without are a super bright windbreaker, rearview mirror (glasses mount), waterproof bags (backpack), and sunglasses with interchangeable lenses (I have lenses for fog, bright light, dark, etc). I also look for clothing with reflective bits to add any amount of extra visibility I can. I keep a towel and shower gel at work, but they're pretty much for emergency use only as I rarely break a sweat on my ride into the office. I also keep a supply of plastic grocery bags for packing my lunch in. The one time I didn't think I needed it I ruined a nice sweater when my soup container cracked open.

The Route

This bike is a little heavy for longer or hilly commutes, but that's fine with me as my current route is only 10 miles round trip, with only two freeway overpasses of climbing to deal with. Sometimes side trips take me a little further for the day, but nothing too difficult. I'm definitely a fair-weather commuter when it comes to rain, though if I starts AFTER I get to work, I'll just go ahead and ride home in the rain. Wind I just put up with and I can handle cold down to freezing.

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