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This form queries what i consider to be the definitive blockout highscore database. The database was compiled and is now maintained by some cool people over in Germany who also have a blockout site. You can also view a a list of all the players that you'll find in this database, as well as the most recent world rankings.

This script is written in Perl and i bow to its wicked-cool pattern matching capabilities.

If you aren't already in the Hall, send blscore.dat and blscore.idx to Hannes Staat and he'll add your scores to the database.
Please include the name that you used for your highscores. If you'd like to include your name and country, that would be cool too.

Hall of (sh)Fame
Pit: x x
Block Set:

Even if you haven't quite reached the level of the Maestro, if you have reached any of the following levels, you deserve some recognition for all the hours you've been flipping blocks.

The following is the skimpy list that i've accumulated so far:

hans vugtsnetherland5x5x12 Flat156226

Pretty skimpy ehh?

So send me those scores -- you don't even need to send any files; i'll take your word for it. Blockout players don't lie.