In San Francisco for a week

Posted on December 10th, 2007 — permalink

I’m in San Francisco for a week, visiting the main SF Linden office for the first “DNOC Summit”. The DNOC is the “Distributed Network Operations Center,” the group that I’m in at Linden. Although I’ve only been working there since August, I am now more senior than the DNOC median…. This is a new group that was put together starting with Neuro Linden. The idea is to have operations folk (i.e. system engineering type people) who are online and monitoring the cluster 24/7 during their normal working hours. This means to zeroth order following the Sun, with people in time zones around the world, although of course not everybody’s normal working hours coincide with the sun (especially among computer people). We’ve got five people in the DNOC now, with hopes of continuing to grow.

This week I’ll be meeting in-person for the first time a number of people that I’ve been working with and have talked with extensively. Alas, I foolishly forgot to bring my camera with me, so don’t expect any juicy insider Linden photos here.

I’ll be staying with my father, who lives on a “floating home” in Alameda. It’s a great deal that when I visit the Linden head office, I get to stay with him. Not only does this mean I get free (i.e. company reimbursed) travel to visit my father, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, but also I save the company a lot of money by saving them hotel costs while I’m out there.

2 Responses to “In San Francisco for a week”

  1. Karen Says:

    Carl’s brother used to live in a “houseboat” (though, being square, his was even less boatish than what it looks like there) over in Sausalito, though he just bought a townhome on dry land (Mill Valley? I can’t remember) within the last year.

    Carl did the same thing a time or two: stayed with him while he was out there doing training.

  2. rknop Says:

    Yeah, I think the term “floating home” is often used nowadays instead of “houseboat”. It’s not a boat. You couldn’t sail it anywhere, although it *could* sink if you filled it up with water (or lead, or whatever).