The art of Light Waves in Second Life

Posted on December 28th, 2007 — permalink

One of the mottos of Second Life is “your world, your imagination.” Second Life has very little content developed or built by anybody employed by Linden Lab. Nearly everything you see in Second Life is built by the residents– that is, people like you who have accounts, and who do creative things with them.

Angel by Light Waves
Angel by Light Waves
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Light Waves is a sculptor in Second Life, and an amazing artist. You can find his pieces here and there (including older pieces created under an earlier name, Starax Statosky) about Second Life. His own region is called Black Swan. I encourage anybody in Second Life to visit it and take a look. The Search result I’ve linked to is at the beginning of a path around the perimeter of that region. You pass by a handful of Light Waves’ sculptures, as well as the occasional pitfall, hole in the path you have to jump over (or, fly– heck, this is Second Life after all), the occasional spike trap, and a lot of atmosphere. At the center is a huge sculpture, enhanced by particle effects that would be difficult to achieve fully in real life.

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  1. David Lewis (aka daveythegravy Wycliffe in SL) Says:


    Since joining SL recently, I have been intrigued at how light waves manages to bring his wonderful Lightwave creations into Second Life. Being a Lightwave artists myself. I would also like to share my work with the Second Life community. I have tried Sculpted Prims, but noting works as well as those seen at Black Swan.

    Can anyone please shed some light on the matter.?