Popular Astronomy Talk in Second Life : The Death of Stars (2008-May-02)

Posted on April 28th, 2008 — permalink

I’m going to be giving my second “Dr. Knop Talks Astronomy” popular talk in Second Life as part of the fledgling Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics.

The talk will be at The Galaxy Dome in Spaceport Bravo, this Friday (May 2) at 8AM pacific time (which is the same as in-world time in Second Life).

Drop by if you’re interested! Here’s the longer description of the talk:

In Fire and In Ice : The Death of Stars

Stars live for millions or billions of years, but they don’t liveforever. When a star reaches the end of its lifetime, spectactular fireworks can result. In this popular talk for interested layman, Dr. Knop will outline what it is that keeps a star together during its lifetime, and what happens to stars of various different sizes when that process finally breaks down. He’ll talk about the ejection of planetary nebulae, the cooling of white dwarves, and the most spectacular of stellar events, supernovae.

4 Responses to “Popular Astronomy Talk in Second Life : The Death of Stars (2008-May-02)”

  1. Ethan Siegel Says:

    Do you miss it, Rob?

    I’m thinking about leaving academia altogether at the end of this summer, and as someone who stuck it out for about a decade longer than I did, I’m wondering if you ever miss it, or ever think about going back now that you’ve been doing something else for around a year?

  2. rknop Says:

    Ethan — the answer is yes and no, and it’s kinda complicated :) I think I’ll turn it into its own blog post.

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  4. Second Sight Says:

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