NPR’s Science Friday, live, in Second Life

Posted on December 7th, 2007 — permalink

Drop by today at 11AM PT to Science School in Second Life to be part of the live studio audience of Science Friday. If you don’t have a Second Life account… make one! A basic account is free!

Science Friday

This is one of the really cool things that happens in Second Life. NPR’s Science Friday has been part of it’s Talk of the Nation show forever. For the last couple of months, they’ve had a live studio audience in-world. What this means is that between 40 and 100 Second Life avatars (usually including Prospero Linden) show up to listen to the show. The audio stream attached to the land is Nashville’s WPLN (I had nothing to do with that, but appreciate it!) . There is an avatar in-world, Ira Flatley, to represent Ira Flatow… although since the real Ira is broadcasting live on the radio, it’s actually a member of his staff running the avatar. Those of us sitting around have a lively conversation in text chat about what we’re hearing on the radio. (Sometimes the conversation wanders a bit from there.) Basically, it’s sitting around with a bunch of fellow science fans all together listening to this national science broadcast. (Well, really, it’s international, since the stream works anywhere, and many of the people who show up aren’t ‘from the USA.) Also, Ira Flatley is listening to the comments and questions we ask, and occasionally one will be read by Ira Flatow on the radio. There was a week when he said “Prospero Linden in Second Life asks….”

4 Responses to “NPR’s Science Friday, live, in Second Life”

  1. Troy McConaghy Says:

    I made a fun little music video about Science Friday in Second Life at

  2. mollishka Says:

    I gave in and created a Second Life account. The program ran for about a minute before freezing and having to be force quit … as suspected, I don’t think my poor computer can take it.

  3. rknop Says:

    mollishka — what sort of computer do you have?

  4. mollishka Says:

    Powerbook running OSX 10.3.9. Though now that I’m looking at it more closely, it seems my good-for-most-everything-else 256M of RAM isn’t enough. It was a good idea while it lasted :)