To be clear : Linden is full of really stellar people doing really good things.

Posted on May 26th, 2009 — permalink

I do not want my previous post to be interpreted as me disparaging Linden as a whole.  I am not happy with what I see written in the termination agreement right now, but perhaps my unhappiness comes from the fact that I don’t speak Lawyer.  Hopefully I’ll find out.

To be clear, though, Linden has a collection of really strong people.  I think that people in support and engineering alike get a really bad rap from a lot of residents, blog posts and comments, and sometimes in the media.  Things like this 1000-prim limit on coalesced objects in server 1.26 (that may or may not change in the near future); that’s not the Lindens being capricious and  uncaring about residents, it’s them trying to deal with real and thorny problems in the second life server.  There are really good, really smart people at Linden trying to make Second Life the best it can be.  It’s a hard problem.  I don’t agree with everything Linden does or is doing (obviously, because I was fired), but there are great people there.  I had a great working relationship with the vast majority of the people I worked with, and have nothing but great respsect for them.

6 Responses to “To be clear : Linden is full of really stellar people doing really good things.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    We miss you too- many of us do! Join the Linden Alumni group on fb and stay in touch! =)

  2. rknop Says:

    Do I count as an alumnus? Usually that means you graduated… I got fired….

  3. SecondLie Scribe Says:

    What if it were done anonymously as part of a crowdsourced account on Twitter which could not be easily separated back out into individual posts?

    Not that anyone has ever done such a thing (cough) Federalist Papers (cough)

    Regards and sympathies,

  4. Joy Says:

    I, at least, say you count as an Alumni, and I miss you! Be well.

  5. Jewell Says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?
    It´s hard (at least for me) to tell what came first: horrendous communication skills at the Lab or frustrated residents venting off. It´s a cruel game we participate in; every once in a while something outstanding is happening – a Linden who explains things that are going on to residents, a well done blog post or just honest communication between the Lab and the residents – and we residents begin to hope for better times, just to feel fooled again after a bit. In general I don´t complain much and if I do I try to be polite but my feelings do go more to the frustrated resident with a basic account who can´t find his inventory items anymore than to the support staff that has to deal with him. With that said and before drifting off-topic totally: We know that there is many hard working Lindens and we love them for trying to make Second Life the best it can be. And that´s the reason why it´s sad to see one (more) of them gone (again). And it makes us wonder where the path will lead us…

    I found two sentences that made me smile today: “There’s love in the spirit of our mission,…” and “We build trust through transparent and open communication.” (quoted from the TAO of Linden:

  6. Bau Says:

    I’m still grieving and grumbling that you aren’t with LL anymore but I’m very grateful that you stay in the world and teach us physics. You rock utterly Rob.