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This page is all about my gaming hobby, specifically with regard to in-person pencil-and-paper roleplaying games. "Omar" is the alias (or character name) for my "GM character". (Hey, all the players get to player characters with a name different from their own, so why not the GM?)

Omar's GURPS Page
GURPS stuff.

Omar's FUDGE Page
FUDGE stuff.

The Rule of Threes
A page all about the Planescape setting, including GURPS Planescape.

Omar's In Nomine Resources
Includes a Java applet for calculating the chance of hearing Disturbance.

Omar's Planescape Campaign
A face-to-face game which was once run occasionally in Berkeley, CA, and last run in Nashville, TN.

Elite Force Delta Cep
A space-opera sort of science fiction game I run occasionally with my face-to-face gaming group. Original GURPS/3e Space, now run using Fudge Space Opera.

...and, of course, you can Send Omar E-mail.