World Game News: 2000

December 14, 2000  Halting the Euros Fall

Five central banks intervened in currency markets to appreciate the euro.  Were they successful, or did fundamental market forces simply change direction?

September 2000  Economics 101 & The Global Economy 2000

Economics has become an increasingly more popular major at colleges and universities as students seek good jobs in an era of economic globalization.

July 2000  The US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement

The United States and Vietnam have signed a trade agreement to normalize trade between the two countries.  There's an importance to being unimportant in global trade.

July 2000  The Emerging Market Access Index

Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business has launched its research center's Emerging Market Access Index (EMAI).  It ranks 44 countries in terms of trade liberalization and the extent of trade barriers.

July 2000  Focus on Australia

Summer Olympic Games boost Australia's booming economy.  Major tax reform causes uncertainty.  Interest rates rising.

July 2000  The Human Development Report

The United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) ranks countries in terms of life expectancy, education, and real GDP per capita.

July 2000  The Global Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report ranks countries in terms of their long term growth potential.

June 2000  Focus on the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an economy in transition from socialism to capitalism. 

April 2000  Earthlings Import from Extraterrestrials?

Statistical discrepancy in the world's balance of payments suggests a trade deficit with aliens.  The balance of payments must balance.

April 2000  Bright Outlook for Global Economy

According to the International Monetary Fund's spring report, prospects for the global economy in 2000 appear to be bright.

March 2000  OPEC Cuts Oil Production

Oil and gas prices have recently surged upward.  Will the global economy have another bout with stagflation like it did in the 1970s?

February 2000  Free Trade Areas

Free Trade Areas (FTAs) are like flying geese accomplishing as a group what they could not do alone.

January 2000  The 21st Century: Global Forecasts

As we enter a new century it's natural to contemplate the recent past and look ahead to the world's future events and issues.

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