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We are no longer selling replica rubber grenades. Grenade molds and masters are for sale to anyone interested in continuing the production. I will be shutting down the grenades@sonic.net, so please contact me at timdp@sonic.net for more purchase information.



    All grenades are made of solid polyurethane rubber and are molded from original grenades except as noted. Grenades are supplied in "as thrown" condition as shown in the photos - no spoons or pins are provided.

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Add a Streamer To Your Grenade
WWII German Grenades AC 39 egg grenade
(7951) Eihandgranate 39 (early war egg grenade - no wings)

Master model for this grenade provided by Gmax.
Check out their fine reproduction German ordnance at:

WWII Russian Grenades
(7971) F1 Fragmentation

(7975) RGD33 Fragmentation Stick Grenade
The polyurethane rubber RGD33 is reinforced with a .5" wooden dowel that runs almost the full length of the grenade.
WWII British Grenades
(7981) Mills Bomb (36M)
WWII US GrenadesWWII US Grenades
(7991) Mark IIA1 with M10 Fuse (WWII Pineapple)
(7995) M26 Vietnam Era Grenade
Colors available:Olive drab, bright green, red, orange, yellow and blue
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