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Wool & silk yarns dyed with mushrooms by Nancy Denison


The Symposium is being hosted by the USA Members of The International Fungi & Fibre Federation, The International Mushroom Dye Institute, The Mendocino Art Center, Pacific Textile Art Center and The Mendocino Handweavers Guild.

WHERE: Located on the rugged and scenic Pacific coast of Northern California, Mendocino is a small but vitally artistic tourist village which is quiet during the month of January, the height of the local mushroom season. The Mendocino Art Center, located in the heart of of Mendocino, will host the classes and workshops . Lodging will be available in adjacent hotels and B&B's, all within easy walking distance of the Art Center.

With the exception of forays and special trips, the daily schedule of meals and evening lectures are expected to take place within close walking proximity to the Mendocino Art Center.

Lodging and transportation information will be forthcoming soon!


Tapestry view of the Mendocino Coast woven by TigerLily Jones, using wool dyed with mushrooms.

Here is a tentative outline for the program that is planned for the week of January 5 - 12, 2008:


For further information please contact:


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